Label API

Generate printable postage labels from your customers' details using our Label API.

Great for..

  • Minimising the amount of time it takes to prepare and format postage labels. Postage labels and tracking numbers are automatically generated from your customers' details.
  • Saving money. Your New Zealand Post account will be billed monthly at an on account rate.
  • It works with our other APIs to give you an end to end quoting, labeling and tracking solution. The Rate Finder API can give your customers an accurate shipping price, then produce a label for the goods based on that price, and the Tracking API can keep your customers informed of where their shipment is.

Getting started

If you want to get straight into the nuts and bolts, read our API documentation for technical information about how to access the API, and what methods are available.

You’ll need a New Zealand Post account, and we’ll also set you up with a Redclick account.

Get an API key

The API key works like a password to your account and gives you access to our Label API.

To get your unique key simply fill in the online Label API key form.

We aim to turn around all applications within two working days.