You Shop Pricing

Everything you need to know about shipping with You Shop. Shop like a local from anywhere in the world, and we’ll make it easy to ship to NZ.

You Shop Pricing

Everything you need to know about shipping with You Shop. Shop like a local from anywhere in the world, and we’ll make it easy to ship to NZ.

Your shipping options from UK to NZ or US to NZ

Standard (air freight)

Estimated delivery 8-12 days

NZ$13.50 per 500g + GST 
NZ$15.50 per 500g + GST repacked parcel
NZ$18.50 per 500g + GST consolidated parcel

Maximum permitted
Weight: 30 kg
Length: 1.5 metres
Volume: 0.125 cubic metres

Economy (sea freight)

USA only - Estimated delivery 85-125 days

NZ$10.50 per 500g + GST 
NZ$12.50 per 500g + GST repacked parcel
NZ$14.50 per 500g + GST consolidated parcel

Maximum permitted
Weight: 99 kg
Length: 1.8 metres
Volume: 2 cubic metres

Dangerous goods
NZ$130 + GST surcharge in addition to the per 500g fee. Learn more

How You Shop calculates its prices

Weight is charged in 500gm increments. The minimum chargeable weight is 1 kg.
Weight is charged either on the parcel's volumetric weight or actual weight, whichever is greater.
Costs payable at the New Zealand border (duty and customs clearance fees, plus GST on these) are additional.

Find the volumetric weight of your parcel

Volumetric weight (kg) = [length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm)] / 5,000 cm.
For example, if a parcel’s dimensions are 30 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm the volumetric weight is 900 g (30 x 15 x 10 / 5000 = 900 g).

Oversize parcels

Parcels over the dimensions allowed via Standard service (air freight) are not eligible for final delivery within New Zealand by NZ Post. Your shipping estimate is for shipping via Economy service (sea freight) to Auckland International Freight Services Centre at Auckland Airport.

You can collect your goods from the Freight Services Centre or we can provide a quote for onward oversize shipping anywhere in New Zealand. Please email us for more information.


All items purchased from overseas and shipped to your You Shop address will have 15% GST applied before it is sent to NZ. As a re-deliverer, You Shop collects this tax on behalf of the New Zealand government when you pay for shipping into NZ.

Note: 15% GST will be charged on the total value of your goods and on You Shop’s service fees. Check the GST on low value imported goods.


Parcels valued between NZ$400 and NZ$1,000

NZ Customs require a tariff item classification if your parcel or consignment is valued between NZ$400 and NZ$1,000. You Shop will conduct the tariff classification for a fee of NZ$55.00 incl GST per parcel. This fee is charged to your You Shop account before your items are shipped to New Zealand. Please note this is in addition to any applicable GST and Duty charges for your item. 

You don't have to pay Duty for items valued at NZ$1,000 or less.

Please note: if multiple parcels, valued at less than $400 per parcel, are sent at the same time via You Shop to the same address, NZ Customs may aggregate them as a consignment, and additional fees and duty may be payable. This is outside of NZ Post’s control.

For more information about tax and duty charges visit the New Zealand Customs website.

Parcels valued at over NZ$1,000 are liable for additional fees and duty to NZ Customs (+ GST on that duty). The amount of duty will be determined after being assessed by NZ Customs when it enters New Zealand. 

You can estimate any additional fees you may need to pay using the What’s My Duty estimator.

Fees you will be charged

Additional NZ Customs fees are payable before your parcel leaves the You Shop warehouse:

An Import Entry Transaction Fee (IETF) and the Biosecurity System Entry Levy (BSEL) to NZ Customs (NZ$79.90 + GST)


A Brokerage Fee for NZ Post to complete and submit the import entry (including the Tariff classification) (NZ$55.00 + GST)


Customs Number

All parcels valued over NZ$1,000.00 require a Customs Number (or Client Code for NZ commercial entities) from NZ Customs.

To apply for a Customs Number complete the NZCS 224-A Application form. Email the completed form and a copy of your photo ID to [email protected]. You will receive your Customs Number back by email which should be provided to NZ Post via our You Shop form

It can take up to 10 working days to obtain a Customs Number from NZ Customs so you should apply before your parcel leaves the You Shop warehouse.

For further enquiries please email NZ Post Brokerage team at [email protected] or NZ Customs at [email protected].

Clearance at NZ Customs

Once NZ Customs assesses your parcel’s contents, the NZ Post Brokerage team will contact you to arrange payment of Duty and GST (if applicable).

Duty you might pay

If the total value* of your goods is NZ$1,050 (including $50 shipping to have it delivered to the You Shop warehouse), you might expect to pay the following:

*total value includes the purchase price (incl. any local taxes, insurance or other costs charged by the retailer you purchased the item from), and postage paid to get your parcel to the You Shop warehouse.

MPI Inspection

MPI may request a biosecurity inspection, in which case the customer will be charged for the service provided by MPI and any other service providers, during goods clearance.

The charges are based on a number of factors including the number of items that need inspecting, the time required, and any treatment processes. These are additional charges, and is not included in the postage and customs clearance charge, and will vary case by case.

Visit MPI online or contact MPI directly for more information or for a detailed explanation of any fees charged.

Before the item enters New Zealand

GST on cost of goods (NZ$1,050 x 15%) NZ$157.50
Import Entry Transaction Fee (IETF) & Biosecurity System Entry Levy (BSEL) (NZ$79.90 + GST) NZ$91.89
Brokerage Fee (NZ$55.00 + GST) NZ$63.25
High Value Surcharge (NZ$6.00 + GST) NZ$6.90
Total to pay before shipping to New Zealand NZ$287.13*

*This is in addition to the You Shop International postage fees 

When item enters New Zealand and is assessed by Customs

Duty (i.e. calculated at 10% of NZ$1,050) NZ$105
GST on Duty ($105 x 15%) NZ$15.75
Total to pay upon arrival in New Zealand NZ$120.75
15% GST for all items 15% GST for the item's value in NZ$
Additional cover (high value surcharge) for parcels valued over NZ$250 NZ$6.0 +GST 
Repacked parcel (Standard) more about repacking
Repacked parcel (Economy)
NZ$15.50 per 500g +GST
NZ$12.50 per 500g +GST
Return to sender (using prepaid returns label)
more about returns
NZ$8.50 (GST Inclusive) handling fee
Redirect to an address in the same country as the warehouse (if prepaid return label isn't included more about redirects NZ$8.50 (GST Inclusive) +50% of You Shop Standard service fee
Signature Required delivery NZ$4.57 +GST
Rural delivery NZ$4.78 +GST

Find out how You Shop calculates shipping with these examples

Find out how You Shop calculates shipping with these examples

Sending a book from Paris

Ray purchases a book from a retailer in Paris and has it sent to You Shop UK. Ray pays €20 (€17 for the book incl. VAT, €3 for postage) (equivalent to NZ$30). The parcel weighs 800g. Ray chooses You Shop’s Standard service (air freight) which costs NZ$13.50 per 500g + GST. He will be charged:

Standard service (NZ$13.50 per 500g x 2 (1kg min. chargeable weight)) NZ$27.00
GST on Standard service (NZ$27.00 x 15%) NZ$4.05
GST on purchase (€20 / NZ$30 x 15%) NZ$4.50
Total NZ$35.55


Consolidating three parcels into one 

Andrew buys three items from separate retailers in the USA and has them sent to You Shop USA. The details of each item, including the cost of postage to You Shop USA, is as follows:

Item 1: US$30 = NZ$60 (1.6 kg)
Item 2: US$40 = NZ$80 (0.5 kg)
Item 3: US$50 = NZ$100 (2.0 kg)

Andrew uses You Shop’s Standard service (air freight) and consolidation service which costs NZ$18.50 per 500g + GST to combine his three parcels into one. Consolidation reduces the total weight of his parcels by 30% from 4.1kg to 2.87kg (4.1kg x 0.7 = 2.87kg). He will be charged: 

Standard Consolidation service (NZ$18.50 per 500g x 6 (3kg chargeable weight)) NZ$111.00
GST on Standard service (NZ$111.00 x 15%) NZ$16.65
GST on purchase (US$120 / NZ$240 x 15%) NZ$36.00
Total NZ$163.65

Note: If Andrew didn't consolidate his 3 parcels he would be charged NZ$13.50 per 500g x 9 (4.5kg chargeable weight) = NZ$121.50 instead of NZ$111.00.

Other scenarios

Karmen has purchased an expensive leather jacket from a designer in Italy and has it sent to You Shop UK.

The jacket cost €750 incl. VAT with free postage (equivalent to NZ$1,250) which is within the NZ$1,400 value limit for sending with You Shop UK.

The parcel weighs 0.5kg with a minimum weight charge of 1kg. Karmen requests Signature Required delivery.  

Because the total parcel value is over NZ$1,000, several additional charges will apply:

Standard service (NZ$13.50 per 500g x 2 (1kg min. chargeable weight)) NZ$27.00
GST on Standard service (NZ$27.00 x 15%) NZ$4.05
GST on purchase (€750 / NZ$1,250 x 15%) NZ$187.50
Import Entry Transaction Fee (IETF) and the Biosecurity System Entry Levy (BSEL) to NZ Customs (NZ$79.90 + GST) NZ$91.89
Brokerage Fee (NZ$55.00 + GST) NZ$63.25
Signature Required delivery NZ$5.26
Total before leaving You Shop warehouse NZ$378.85

When the parcel enters NZ and is assessed by Customs additional changes may apply:

Duty (calculated at 10% of NZ$1,250) NZ$125.00
GST on Duty ($125 x 15%) NZ$18.75
Total to pay upon arrival in NZ NZ$143.75

Ryan purchases a pack of power tool batteries from a USA retailer and has it sent to You Shop USA.  Ryan pays US$250 for the batteries with free postage (equivalent to NZ$417). The parcel weighs 7kg.
Because the item contains multiple standalone batteries it is classified as Dangerous Goods and must be sent using You Shop’s Economy service (sea freight). Ryan will be charged: 

Economy service (NZ$10.50 per 500g x 14 (7kg chargeable weight)) NZ$147.00
GST on Standard service (NZ$10.50 x 15%) NZ$22.05
GST on purchase (US$250 / NZ$417 x 15%) NZ$62.55
Dangerous Goods surcharge (NZ$130 + GST) NZ$149.50
Tariff classification fee for parcels between NZ$400 and NZ$1,000 (NZ$47.83 + GST) NZ$55.00
Total NZ$436.10


Suzanne purchases a book from a retailer in Wales and sends it to You Shop UK. The parcel’s volumetric weight is 0.8kg. She then decides to return the book to the retailer. 

Unfortunately, the retailer did not supply a pre-paid return label. In this case the return fee will be equivalent to 50% of the international Standard service that would have been charged if it was delivered to New Zealand excluding GST on the purchase price plus a handling fee. 

You Shop’s Standard service (air freight) costs NZ$13.50 per 500g + GST. She will be charged: 

Standard service (50% x NZ$13.50 x (0.5kg x 2)) NZ$13.50
Handling fee (NZ$8.50 + GST) NZ$9.96
GST on Standard service (NZ$13.50 x 15%) NZ$1.01
Total NZ$7.76