Zonal Pricing

Zonal Pricing is a pricing structure that charges different prices for mail deliveries to different areas.


Every New Zealand postcode containing delivery points has been allocated to one of four “Zones”; Zone A, Zone B, Zone C and Zone D. Each of these zones has a different price.

A separate pricing tier applies to any items with incorrect or missing postcodes. All items with invalid or missing postcodes will be priced as Invalid Postcode (IPC). For more information on Zonal Pricing terms and conditions and missing or invalid postcodes, please refer to the AdCard, VolumeMail, FlexiMail and Publication Mail sections of the Postal Users’ Guide.

NZ Post Bulk Mail Zones

NZ Post Bulk Mail Zones (XLS - 75KB)

The NZ Post Bulk Mail Zones list provides details of the postcode zone and delivery type for all valid postcodes in NZ.

Note: There are 3 listed postcodes that have no zonal mapping as they have no physical mail delivery points, i.e. all mail sent to those postcodes should be addressed to the PO Box Lobby within the postcode. These are highlighted in yellow in the PDF.

  • Zone A has been expanded from 1 July 2021 to provide increased coverage within major towns and cities. 20 postcodes moved from Zones B, C & D to Zone A and one postcode moved from Zone A to Zone D.

If you wish to obtain a .csv version of the Bulk Mail Zones list, you may convert the spreadsheet provided above, or please contact [email protected]

The Bulk Mail Zones list is subject to change, as per the Postal Users’ Guide.

For more information on Bulk Mail Zonal Pricing, please refer to the Postal Users’ Guide under AdCard, VolumeMail and FlexiMail.


Zonal Pricing rates across AdCard, VolumeMail, FlexiMail ,and Publication Mail can be found on the Domestic Bulk Mail Rate Card (PDF - 60KB).

Please note we will apply IPC pricing to all items having a missing or invalid postcode.

Questions about Zonal Pricing

What is Zonal Pricing?
Zonal Pricing is NZ Post’s pricing structure that applies to certain Bulk Mail products and charges different prices for mail delivered to different areas. Four pricing zones apply, defined by postcodes, and each zone attracts a different delivery price. Zonal Pricing applies to AdCard, VolumeMail and FlexiMail products.

Where can I find the list of postcodes in each zone?
The NZ Post Bulk Mail Zones list (XLS - 73KB) is available.

How is Zonal Pricing applied to Bulk Mail lodgements?
A Lodgement Data File must be submitted with each physical Bulk Mail lodgement, (i.e. AdCard, Publication Mail, VolumeMail and FlexiMail) lodgement via the online ‘Lodgement Manager’ system. On receipt of your Lodgement Data File, Lodgement Manager automatically assigns each mail item a price based on your certified AAP level and the item’s postcode. Any items with invalid or missing postcodes will be assigned an IPC price.

What is a Lodgement Data File?
The Lodgement Data File contains addressing information of each mail item in a Bulk Mail product postal lodgement. This file is integrated at lodgement time by NZ Post. The postcode for each mail item (based on the addressing information supplied in the Lodgement Data File) is assessed to determine which zone applies to that mail item and the total the cost of postage is then calculated on that basis. Note that mail items that do not have a postcode, or that have an incorrect postcode, will be deemed as IPC (which attracts the highest zone price point).

What will happen to the existing volume tiers on AdCard?
Zonal Pricing will replace the volume tiers on AdCard on 1 July 2020.

What can we do to ensure lowest charges for a lodgement?
Having a high Address Accuracy Percentage (AAP) and ensuring all addresses have a correct postcode included is the best way to ensure your lodgement is charged at lowest price. The destination of the mail items will then be the main determinant of the price.

How will this impact us if we lodge mail without a mailhouse?
To access the most competitive mail rates you will need to be able to supply the Lodgement Data File with your lodgement. In most cases this is a relatively straightforward task to complete. However, if you do need assistance, please contact your NZ Post Business Manager or our National Contact Centre.

What happens if a portion of the mail sent in a lodgement does not include a postcode?
Mail items that do not include postcodes will, by default, be allocated a separate (higher) rate (IPC). Please see our lowest charges question for more detail.

How is the data we supply used?
Once the Lodgement Data File has been uploaded into Lodgement Manager, along with the normal lodgement information (e.g. product and volume), the system will calculate the volume for each Zone and assign the correct pricing for the lodgement. It’s important to note that if the Lodgement Data File is uploaded correctly, no identifiable customer data will be shared with NZ

Is the postage charge based on where the mail is sent from?
No, Zonal Pricing charges will be determined by the zone that the Bulk Mail items are being sent to (the destination). Zonal Pricing charges are not based on the origin of the item.

Will Zonal Pricing have any impact on Address Accuracy Percentage (AAP)?
No, your AAP will not be impacted by Zonal Pricing. AAP will remain as a price differentiator on the Domestic Bulk Mail Rate Card (PDF - 120KB).