Measles and customer service update

Update 30 August: Our customer service team is now running at full capacity and we are back to business as usual after the measles case at one of our Auckland sites. Thankyou for your patience as we worked to get our team back up to full strength. 

NZ Post is part of the Auckland community, which is experiencing an increased incidence of measles.

The safety of our people is paramount. We are following all public health advice – and we’re also taking an additionally cautious approach to ensure our people’s safety.

We are currently working alongside our people to check their immunisation status.

Public Health information advises that for those who were born before 1969, almost everyone caught the disease as a child, and are not at risk. Others have been vaccinated and are not at risk. Those at risk are people who were born after 1969 and haven’t been vaccinated.

While we work through this our customer service team is running at reduced capacity and while some of our phone lines are now open, you may still experience delays. Our response to email, web and social enquiries may also be delayed. For any urgent passport or medical enquiries please use our web form.

These delays are expected to decrease further as our people return to work over the coming days, once they have confirmed their vaccination status and been given the all-clear.

One NZ Post team member has a confirmed case of measles and is at home recovering.

Another of our people has also had a mild case of measles, is fully recovered and is back at work. Advice from public health officials is that there is a low risk of exposure from this case. It is similar to the risk that exists in the wider community.

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