19 AUGUST 2020

Media statement on the second positive COVID-19 case at Auckland Operations Centre

We have been advised that a second member of our team working at our Auckland Operations Centre in Highbrook has returned a positive COVID-19 test.

Our team member was last at work on Friday, and wasn’t suffering from any symptoms at the time. We are immediately contacting those who are considered close contacts at work.

Several other people considered close contacts of our team member with the original positive test have returned negative tests.

We are working with the Ministry of Health on the control measures we have in place as a precaution to protect our people’s safety and wellbeing on site. Deep cleaning was undertaken at the centre on Sunday. Following Ministry of Health guidance on-site testing will be available for all of our people at this site tomorrow.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that it is appropriate to continue operations at this site.

Due to increased safety measures, we expect there to be a one day delay of items due to be delivered in Auckland. A low proportion of items being sent from Auckland to addresses outside of Auckland may also be delayed by one day. Items that are not sent from or delivered to Auckland will not be impacted.

The safety of our people and our communities is of the utmost importance to us. The medical advice we have received indicates that the transferal of COVID-19 through mail and parcels is low risk. COVID-19 is largely transmitted by respiratory droplets, and there is not good evidence that surface transmission is occurring in operational environments such as ours where physical distancing, use of face masks, hygiene, safety procedures and environmental factors are in place. We have also re-implemented contactless delivery to avoid the need for physical contact between our Couriers and customers to help further prevent any spread of COVID-19.

NZ Post is proud to be providing an essential service delivering items including food and medical supplies to New Zealanders during Alert Level 3 in Auckland, and Alert Level 2 nationwide. We ask that members of the public please treat our people with kindness and respect during this difficult time, and remember to stick to the 2 metre rule when you see our people out and about.

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