01 DECEMBER 2022

New uniform for NZ Post this Christmas

NZ Post posties and couriers will have a new look delivery uniform this Christmas, marking an important milestone in New Zealand history.

NZ Post Chief People Officer Monica Ayers says the new look for NZ Post’s delivery people is an exciting milestone for the 180-year-old iconic Kiwi brand, and something NZ Post posties and couriers are very proud to show off.

“Our people have been delivering for New Zealanders for 180 years and we’ve seen a huge amount of change over that time. The new delivery uniform incorporates the new NZ Post branding launched in June 2021, including our new logo and colours. It aligns with the new branding being rolled out on our packaging, vehicles and properties as well as significantly increasing the visibility for our people’s safety. Our people are very excited and proud to show off their new look” says Ayers.

“The world’s changed and we’ve changed with it. NZ Post is currently in the midst of our busiest time of the year as online shopping creates a surge in parcels to be delivered in time for Christmas. This is quite a different role for our posties and couriers than what our delivery people in 1840 would have experienced.”

“The uniforms worn by our posties and couriers are a reflection of the times.  The new uniform is modern, breathable, sustainable and focused foremost on the safety of our delivery teams – which is hugely important to us,” says Ayers.

The new NZ Post delivery uniform includes an iconic short-sleeved polo shirt – the Ahipara – as well as a long-sleeved polo, shorts, trackpants and fleece. Protection for the colder months is covered with a reversable high vis puffer jacket, with removable sleeves to create a puffer vest – the Aoraki – as well as full wet weather gear, including the Milford wind and waterproof jacket.

Workwear Group Senior Designer – Industrial, Mark Godoy, says he is proud to have been involved in designing and producing the uniforms for such important Kiwi community figures.

“We started with a clear position that safety was at the forefront of the design, and compliance with established New Zealand safety standards was non-negotiable. The new uniform has high visibility day and night as well offering climate control and a comfortable fit.”

“From there we got creative, giving the garments a distinctly NZ Post look and feel, whilst also delivering critical functionality for NZ Post delivery people, who need to be protected from the elements in all conditions. I’m delighted with the results,” says Godoy.

The NZ Post delivery uniform hasn’t changed significantly over the past 11 years, while in the last decade a lot has changed with fabric technology and design. A lot too has changed in terms of considering environmental sustainability. The sustainability credentials of the new uniform align with NZ Post’s commitment to minimising its impact on the planet.

“The new uniforms have been made with sustainability in mind. As our NZ Post posties and couriers begin to wear the new look uniform, old uniforms will be returned so they can be recycled. We have partnered with a recycling team who reuse and recycle materials into soft fiber which can be used for insulation, furniture, and more,” says Ayers.

Over the past 100 years, NZ Post delivery uniforms have changed to keep up with current fabric technology, contemporary fashion trends, and changes in society.

Images shared by Te Papa showcase NZ Post uniforms dated back to the early 1910s, when posties wore a full wool suit complete with epaulettes, silver buttons, leather cuffs, red piping, buttoned pockets and a tie.

Te Papa history curator Stephanie Gibson says it’s incredible to see how the styles of the NZ Post delivery uniforms have changed over the years.

“Te Papa has a special collection of historic NZ Post uniforms from the 1910s to the 1980s which tell a unique story of the changing landscape of New Zealand society. It’s exciting to see the next milestone moment for what’s long been an indication of the style and trends of the times,” says Gibson.

“Our postal uniform collection helps to tell the rich story of the thousands of posties who braved the elements to deliver for New Zealanders.”

Images of historic NZ Post delivery uniforms supplied by Te Papa, available to download here, with pdf attachment detailing the images.

Postie fashion remained formal in style through to the 1980s when a bright cobalt blue and red unisex tracksuit, made of 100% nylon, was introduced, alongside a modernised logo replacing the original Post Office crest.

NZ Post Chief People Officer Monica Ayers says the new uniforms showcase a new era for NZ Post.

“We’re really excited about our new look and what this signals for the future of our iconic brand.”

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