25 MARCH 2020

New Zealand Post services will continue to deliver essentials at Level 4

New Zealand Post will continue to deliver essentials, playing a vital role delivering what people need during the COVID-19 response.

New Zealand is currently at Level 3, and will go to Level 4 at 11:59 tonight.

Chief Executive David Walsh says keeping our people and our customers safe, and essential services running, are our priorities.

“We are really proud to be playing this vital role in delivering what is essential to New Zealanders in this uncertain time. It’s really important to note that it is not up to NZ Post to decide what is essential to deliver through our network. Our job is to deliver what people need, while making sure our people and their families are safe.

“We had already changed how our people deliver, and we are following all Government advice. New Zealanders can help make our people feel safe by respecting ‘social distancing’ when our couriers, Delivery Agents or Rural Drivers arrive, keeping two metres distance from them.

“We have also implemented new processes, shifts and break structures to ensure effective social distancing in our mail and parcel processing sites.

Mr Walsh said NZ Post was doing everything it could to keep the country moving.

“We do put our people first here at NZ Post, their safety and wellbeing and how they respond to this highly unusual set of circumstances is important to us, and will be factored into our planning and operations at this time. This may mean it takes us a little longer to get items delivered than normal.

“Like the rest of New Zealand, we are working through the restrictions. We are doing everything we can to maintain service levels, but we hope the country will be understanding in these extreme and unprecedented circumstances that there may be delays. We will keep you updated via our website if we become aware of any significant disruptions.”

Over the counter services through our Retail network have not been identified as essential services. From Wednesday, March 25, all PostShop services will be closed. As mail delivery has been identified as an essential service, PO Box lobbies will remain open.

For more information please go to nzpost.co.nz

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