14 NOVEMBER 2023

NZ Post celebrating 25 years of Write to Santa

For 25 years NZ Post has been proud to offer the magical connection of Writing to Santa – with responses this year again being offered in Te Reo Māori or English.

NZ Post’s Senior Marketing Communications Manager Claire Henderson says we absolutely love being able to share in the magic of Christmas with Write to Santa.

“Writing to Santa is easy and fun and here at NZ Post we absolutely love being able to play an important role for thousands of Kiwi kids’ who look forward to this time of year and sharing their wish list with Santa,” she said.

Claire said NZ Post recently asked for customers of all ages to share their memories of writing to Santa from 25 years ago on Facebook – with a number of people sharing their wish lists from childhood.

“From a Barney sleeping bag to purple Spice Girl pump shoes, motorbikes to love, peace and happiness, the comments really showed how ingrained in our history the Write to Santa is.”

For the past few years Napier grandparents Trevor and Karyn Salmon have followed the Write to Santa tradition, having encouraged their two daughters to take part – and are now helping their granddaughter Penelope, aged 5, participate.

“This year Miss Penelope asked Santa for a crown, necklace and a bracelet… and for her hard-working Mum – a scented candle,” Karyn said.

The task signals what is the beginning to a traditional family Christmas at Trevor and Karyn's – which the couple described as “noisy and chaotic” – but wouldn’t have it any other way.

Claire said it’s hearing stories like Trevor and Karyn’s that really sum up why we love delivering Christmas and have done for the last 180 years.

“And we can’t wait to deliver Christmas again this year,” she said.

How to write to Santa

Writing to Santa is super easy. Simply visit nzpost.co.nz/writetosanta to create a special Christmas letter for Santa online. All letters sent to Santa online will receive a personalised response either by mail (sent by 27th November) or email (sent between 28th November and 11:59pm 21st December).

If kids would like to send a handwritten letter to Santa, simply follow the steps below:

Send the letter to; Santa Claus, c/o Santa’s Workshop, North Pole 0001.

Make sure the name and address are written clearly on the back of the envelope, so Santa knows where to send a reply.

Post the letter in a post box or at an NZ Post retail outlet.

Letters to Santa don’t require a postage stamp.

If you’re sending a handwritten letter to Santa for a non-personalised reply delivered to your letterbox, the last day for posting is Friday 1st December 2023.

When will Santa respond?

Santa’s Helpers will deliver Santa’s reply to your letterbox from mid to late December, so keep an eye out closer to Christmas.

If Santa is responding by email, you should receive a reply within 24hrs of submitting your message.

Can I request a reply from Santa in Te Reo Māori?

Absolutely! You can request a reply from Santa in Te Reo Māori when writing to Santa using the website. Simply select Te Reo Māori in the dropdown box when you see the Language option.

I’m a teacher wanting to order Santa letters for my class – how do I do this?

If you’d like Santa to send everyone in your class a postcard, follow these easy steps: Visit nzpost.co.nz/teacherswritetosanta to fill out Santa’s form by 13th November.

Santa will then send postcards (non-personalised) for all the kids in your class.

We’ll do our best to get your pack to you by Friday 8th December.

If your kids would like to write their own personal letters to Santa, they can visit nzpost.co.nz/writetosanta.

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