06 APRIL 2022

NZ Post connects communities with free courier products

NZ Post is proud to be making a difference in local communities around Aotearoa New Zealand by supporting charitable organisations and social enterprises by giving away free courier services.

In its second year, NZ Post’s Delivering for Good programme aims to improve, connection, belonging and inclusion.

Under the initiative, around 10 community organisations will be supplied with up to 34,000 free domestic courier services for one year – with one organisation winning an extra year of free courier services.

“For us, delivering for New Zealand also means supporting the neighbourhoods and communities where we live and work,” NZ Post Group Sustainability Manager Dawn Baggaley says.

“We’re proud to be running our Delivering for Good programme for the second year and to be able to facilitate free courier services for deserving local organisations.”

Baggaley encouraged organisations to apply now.

“We’re looking for a range of deserving programmes which help people connect and feel included; whether that be delivering goods to people without access or sending products for companies who employ people from marginalised groups.

“We want to hear from you and encourage all social enterprises and charities to enter.” 

Last year’s Delivering for Good’s overall winner was Downlights, a New Zealand owned and operated fragranced soy candle company based in Auckland.

Their candles are lovingly hand poured and the entire manufacturing process supports the development of a variety of workplace skills and offers employment opportunities for young adults with Down syndrome and cognitive disabilities.

Downlights Managing Director Jennifer Del Bel said winning the free courier products allowed Downlights to grow their business and employ another permanent crew member (Taylor).

“Taylor was part of our 2021-22 work experience programme and while we were keen to offer her a role following completion of the programme, due to the challenges that we faced from the impact of Covid-19 on our business, this possibility was becoming less and less likely. 

“The business growth that the NZ Post Delivering for Good has contributed to us has allowed us to offer Taylor a role which will pay her a fair living wage that recognises her contribution to Downlights.

“We are proud Living Wage Supporters and believe that all citizens of Aotearoa have the right to the dignity afforded to them through fair pay.

Del Bel said the Delivering for Good initiative has helped Downlights to continue to challenge the commonly held perception that the disabled workforce is only suitable for low-paid unskilled, repetitive work.

“We have worked with our crew, including Taylor, to develop their skills and confidence, to a point where we are confident to compare their work head-to-head against the work of the most skilled, non-disabled artisans.”

Organisations and community groups can enter online now (until Monday 11 April).

Around 10 charities and social enterprises will win free courier products for one year with a public vote (from 9th to 23rd May to determine which one of the winners will win an extra year of products – to be announced on 30th May).

For more information or to apply visit deliveringforgood.co.nz or email [email protected]




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