04 MAY 2022

NZ Post electric mail buggies largely back in business – mail delays minimal

NZ Post had advised New Zealanders that there would be some delays to mail items delivered by Posties that use the Paxsters, but the backlog has now been cleared and the mail service is operating close to normal. Courier items and rural delivery have not been impacted.

“NZ Post temporarily removed our electric Paxsters from service late last week as a precautionary measure to address a maintenance issue. Individual checks have been carried out and the majority of the Paxsters are back in business. We are holding back 89 of the 415 vehicles to carry out some repairs and expect to see these back in service in due course,” says NZ Post Chief Operating Officer Brendon Main. 

“We’ve caught up on the backlog of mail and are back to operating as we were prior. It’s important to note that our service does remain slightly impacted by COVID absences like many businesses in New Zealand. The NZ Post website nzpost.co.nz is the best place to check for updates on delivery timeframes.” 

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