04 DECEMBER 2023

NZ Post is asking New Zealanders to help keep Couriers and Posties safe this busy season

NZ Post is asking New Zealanders to help keep your Couriers and Posties safe this busy season as they’re out and about delivering millions of parcels and mail items in the lead up to Christmas Day.

NZ Post Chief People Officer Monica Ayers has some safety tips for New Zealanders who are expecting deliveries.

“NZ Post Couriers and Posties are out delivering hundreds of parcels to Kiwi households every day and they do come across some hazards that customers can help with.

  • Please keep dogs secure on your property so that deliveries can be safely made
  • Please keep an eye out for Posties on bikes, Paxsters, or walking as you reverse out of driveways
  • Please keep an eye out for Couriers in vans as you are driving – they are often pulled over, or in driveways to make deliveries
  • Please call the Police if you see any NZ Post Courier or Postie being abused or threatened by a member of the public
  • Please treat our customer contact centre people with respect

“Our teams are working hard to deliver over 18 million Christmas presents in time for Christmas Day and we need New Zealanders to help keep Couriers and Posties safe, so that they can continue delivering Christmas.”

NZ Post has a zero tolerance stance on abuse, violence and discrimination towards NZ Post Couriers, Posties and contact centre staff.

“We know that this time of year can be stressful and tensions can be high. We are asking New Zealanders to be patient, considerate and careful, to help keep everyone safe.”

“Customers displaying violent, abusive, racist or discriminatory behaviour may have their deliveries ceased or their contact blocked from our call centre. Our message to New Zealanders is to keep an eye out for your Couriers and Posties – if you see someone being abused, please take appropriate action such as calling the Police.”

“We know most New Zealanders are really appreciative of our teams’ hard work and we are grateful for the good attitudes displayed by most Kiwis,” says Monica.

NZ Post is now in the final three weeks of Christmas deliveries.

“We plan for the busy season all year, including extra people, vans and trucks to get parcels under the tree in time,” says Monica.

Parcels sent within New Zealand need to be sent by Monday 18 December for economy and by Wednesday 20 December for courier.

Our key sending dates provide find all the information kiwis need for sending and receiving Christmas presents.

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