29 APRIL 2022

Some delays expected for mail items

NZ Post is advising customers to expect some delays for mail items.

“New Zealanders can expect some mail items to be delayed in some areas of the country over the coming few days,” says NZ Post Chief Operating Officer Brendon Main. “These delays will only impact items delivered by Posties through our Paxster fleet – not courier items or rural delivery.”

“NZ Post has temporarily removed our electric Paxsters (mail buggies) from service today as a precautionary measure. During a fleet audit, a maintenance issue has been identified with some Paxsters. NZ Post is temporarily removing all the vehicles to check each one individually. As checks are completed, we expect to see Paxsters returned to service progressively over the next couple of days or, where they need repairing, as soon as possible.

“While we carry out the checks, our Posties will in some locations use bicycles, e-bikes or walk where possible, but there will be some delays to mail items. Normal services will resume in rounds across the country as each Paxster passes its check or is repaired – so delays could differ in different locations. It’s too soon to tell yet exactly how long delays could be, but at this stage we are estimating initial delays of about 1-3 days.”

“We will continue to update customers online should the situation change,” says Brendon Main.

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