Postal Services Disclosure Information

Our Disclosure Information regulations.

The Postal Services (Information Disclosure) Regulations 1998Opens in a new window. were introduced in May 1998 to facilitate competition in the postal services market and ensure compliance with the Deed of Understanding.

The regulations require New Zealand Post to disclose certain information to the public, including terms and conditions of our products and services and access agreements with other postal operators.

Under the regulations, New Zealand Post Limited is also required to disclose the following information in its annual report:

  • the number of delivery points in each of the categories specified in the Deed;
  • the number of post centres and post shops at the close of each financial year;
  • in relation to the delivery of letters within New Zealand, the results of an independent survey on the percentage of letters delivered within advertised deadlines, the percentage delivered within three days of advertised deadlines, and the percentage not delivered within three days of advertised deadlines; and
  • separate profit and loss statements for letters carried within New Zealand for less than 80 cents (the previously reserved area); and other services.

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