Electric vehicles powering deliveries

We are working on a number of innovative new services to make our deliveries more competitive, efficient and eco-friendly.

Electric vehicles powering deliveries

We are working on a number of innovative new services to make our deliveries more competitive, efficient and eco-friendly.

We have one of the largest EV fleets in New Zealand,* and it's growing. See our journey here.




Our Paxsters

Our owned delivery fleet already includes over 400 award winning electric vehicles – The Paxsters.

Our Paxsters are custom designed for efficient delivery. They have minimised carbon emissions, pollutants and noise associated with delivery. They’re pretty efficient, requiring a charge of only 8.4kWh per day (on average).

Our Paxsters were designed with recycling in mind, so when they come to the end of their life, the plastic, aluminium and steel components, and batteries can all be easily separated and recycled.

Helping to get more electric vans on the road

Electric vans (EVs) are an imperative component to lowering carbon emissions from the delivery network. We are on a mission to ensure every vehicle we own is electric by 2025 –and we’re committed to helping our courier drivers make this change to their own vans too. To accelerate their uptake, we’ve kick-started a few initiatives:

Try before you buy:

Shortly, we’ll be offering EV demos and trials through automotive partners – giving our courier drivers an exclusive week-long experience with an EV, with the option to purchase one after the trial.

Making EVs more affordable:

Our Electric Vehicle Incentive Programme offers NZ Post contractors financial support to help invest in EVs with an upfront contribution towards the total cost of purchase. Approximately $500,000 worth of funding will be available each year from our Decarbonisation Fund until 25% of our contractor fleet are in EVs. Learn more about our Electric Vehicle Incentive Programme.

Making EVs more accessible:

Our $20 million financing agreement partnership with New Zealand Green Investment Finance (NZGIF) has been put in place to help accelerate the transition of the NZ Post courier fleet even faster.

This partnership will enable the purchasing of 50 E-Vans that will be available for lease only by NZ Post contractors. Each time the E-Van is re-leased, it becomes more affordable. This means our contractors can move away from their diesel van, even if they aren’t quite ready to purchase an E-Van upfront just yet.

Trucks lined up
Trucks lined up

Low emission trucks & e-canters

Our first electric truck will be hitting NZ’s roads very soon, as well as our very first hydrogen truck – a revolutionary alternative to diesel hauler trucks.

Co-funded by EECA, the eCanter truck – our first electric truck – will be hitting the road in April 2022, with the purpose of gathering data so we can better understand how to introduce these new trucks into our fleet.

If successful, one electric truck could replace two diesel vans.

We’re working on tackling emissions from our biggest hauler trucks with a diesel alternative – hydrogen. These zero-emission, heavy-goods vehicles are powered by hydrogen fuel – combining hydrogen (stored on board) with oxygen to generate electricity. The only ‘emission’ is water.

Other vehicles

We also have 29 cars, motorbikes and forklifts.

* Based on the number of road-legal registered electric vehicles.