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NZ Post printer capabilities

New Zealand Post aims to provide you and your customers with a better brand experience through relevant, targeted communications - using personalised print to energise your marketing mix and get your story noticed.

We’ve invested in the best range of digital print solutions that perfectly match the high quality and high speed printing your business needs, whether it’s for marketing, essential mail or everyday customer communications.


Autosend changes the way your ad-hoc office mail is sent. Instead of your staff printing, placing into an envelope and posting, Autosend uploads the communications from staff computers to a mailhouse which then takes care of all printing and postage.

First impressions

With New Zealand Post’s First Impressions envelope printing solution, you can add life to your regular or promotional customer communications. First Impressions prints dynamically generated images on the outside of your envelope to transform your standard business mail into individually personalised envelopes, for each of your customers - giving your message real cut-through.

Booklet maker

Create ‘customised booklets’ easily and professionally for each of your customers. New Zealand Post now allows you the ability to turn your communications into personalised fully trimmed booklet – helping you to stand out from other businesses and increase your relevancy, efficiently and quickly.