International delivery duties & taxes

Reduce international parcel delays by charging duties or taxes to your New Zealand Post Account. Available for International Express Courier only.

Delivery Duties and Taxes Paid (DDTP) is an add-on to our International Express Courier service. It gives you the option to have duties or taxes incurred for parcels charged back to your New Zealand Post Account – this can reduce delays and ensure you pay rather than the recipient.

Using DDTP

To sign up to use DDTP contact your New Zealand Post Account Manager or our Business Team.

If you sign up to use DDTP, we will supply you with DDTP stickers to attach to your International Express Courier consignment notes. Whenever you wish to pay the duties and taxes incurred in the sending of your item, simply place a DDTP sticker on the consignment note attached to your item.

Any duties or taxes incurred for an International Express Courier item sent with a DDTP sticker will be billed directly to your New Zealand Post Account as they occur. You will also be charged the DDTP service fee for prioritised handling that your item will receive as it travels through courier networks and international customs handling.