New Zealand Post Lead App terms and conditions – All New Zealand Post Group employees (excluding members of the Sales team)

The purpose of the Lead App is to encourage all employees to win new customers and to provide a reward for those who generate leads that are successfully converted to new courier business for CourierPost or PACE.

These terms apply to the use of the Lead App available to New Zealand Post Group employees.

All leads must be submitted through the Lead App. Leads not submitted through the app are not eligible.

If a lead submitted through the Lead App is successfully converted into a new courier customer (that is, the lead opens an account and starts sending parcels with CourierPost or PACE) the person who submitted the lead will receive a $200 Prezzy Card once the new customer has reached a threshold spend of $1,200 (excl GST) with any of New Zealand Post, CourierPost or PACE.

A Prezzy Card will only be provided in respect of leads who do not currently have a New Zealand Post, CourierPost or PACE account, or who have a New Zealand Post ,CourierPost or PACE account but who have had no CourierPost or PACE trading activity for 12 months or more.

For the Prezzy Card to be awarded, New Zealand Post must be satisfied that the employee has made sufficient effort to generate the lead. As a minimum the employee must have:

  • had personal contact with the lead with the aim of warming them up to the possibility of using CourierPost or PACE services
  • provided information about CourierPost or PACE and its services
  • obtained contact information (names and phone numbers) for the Sales team to use to contact the lead
  • ensure the lead knows they will receive, and are happy to take, a phone call from a Sales team member.

A Prezzy Card will not be provided if the lead is already being explored by a member of the Sales team.

If a lead is submitted by more than one employee (or other NZ Post or CourierPost contractor or franchisee), the incentive will be payable to the person who first submitted the lead through the Lead App.

If there is a dispute:

  • about whether the employee has made sufficient effort to generate the lead,
  • about whether a lead was already being explored by a member of the Sales team,
  • because more than one person submitted the lead

the dispute will be referred to the Regional Sales Manager for the area in which the lead is based. The Regional Sales Manager will, acting reasonably and if necessary after consulting with the affected employee(s), decide whether the Prezzy Card is to be provided, and if so to which person.

If New Zealand Post determines (at its sole discretion) that an employee:

  • and any other employee, contractor, agent or other representative of New Zealand Post or CourierPost have colluded or otherwise worked together; or
  • has acted fraudulently or in bad faith,

to procure the rewards offered under this scheme that would not otherwise be payable having regard to the purpose of the scheme, New Zealand Post or CourierPost may seek to recover an amount equal to the value of any Prezzy Cards provided to the employee under these terms.

Employees who work in the Sales team are not eligible for this scheme.

New Zealand Post reserves the right to change these terms, or withdraw this scheme, at any time.

Please note these terms and conditions were updated on 8 November 2016