Changes to our products and services from 1 July 2023 - questions and answers

You will have received a letter or email from us to notify you of the price increase and what this means for your business. If you haven’t received a letter or email, please contact your Business Manager or contact us.

We are always looking for innovative ways to provide our service more efficiently. As we face higher operational and labour costs, in combination with lower parcel volumes compared to recent years, we need to review prices annually. It is our responsibility to continually deliver commercial returns and a sustainable delivery service for New Zealand. 

Courier, Express, Transport

We continually review the services that we offer to rural locations to ensure the cost structures and delivery modes offer a satisfactory service to our customers. Adjusting prices for rural destinations allows us to provide a reliable and far-reaching service for our customers within our ever-changing rural network. As a result of these reviews, the rural delivery price in some customer segments will be subject to a rates correction on 1 July.

In recent years the growth in eCommerce has meant more deliveries to receivers across a growing number of residential and low-density address points, which carries additional cost across handling, transport, and delivery. Increasing our prices will allow us to continue to provide delivery services that reach our delivery timeframe guidelines and efficiency standards.

NZ Post continues to invest in initiatives that will improve delivery experience and help our customers to achieve better business results, such as eCommerce specific products and services such as Parcel Notifications, and integration enhancements.

International Outbound

A letter with the customised pricing schedule outlining your new rates will be posted or emailed to you. If you have not received this, please contact your Business Manager. 

As you generate your shipping label on eShip or through an API, you will find a tick box option available to opt in to additional compensation cover if your selected service and item value qualify for this.   

If you haven’t opted in for additional compensation cover, you may claim the standard cover amount only. It is your responsibility to ensure you have opted in if you want the security of additional compensation cover.   

NZ Post reserves the right to reintroduce international surcharges to offset additional costs should operational prices significantly increase overseas.    

Standard Mail

The following Standard Mail products will have a price increase that will apply from 1 July 2023:

  • Standard Mail
    • Standard Mail letter prices across New Zealand will increase by 30 cents (incl. GST). This means that the medium sized letter will increase to $2.00 (incl. GST) and the large and oversize letters will also increase by 30 cents to $3.30 and $4.60 respectively.
  • ReplyPaid
  • PrePaid Envelopes. The price increase of some PrePaid envelopes may vary. The following changes have been made to the PrePaid Envelope product range:
    • New Product:
      • BSP4010 Envelope Postage Included C4 Self Seal Non Window White Wallet Pack 10
    • Withdrawn products:
      • BSP20 Post Postage Included DLE Window Envelope Tropical Seal. Box of 500. (114 x 225mm)
      • BSP35 Post Postage Included E35 Non Window Envelope Self Seal Box of 250. (254 x 381mm)
      • BSP41 Post Postage Included C4 Window Envelope Self Seal Box of 250. (229 x 324mm)
      • BSP4005 Envelope Postage Included C4 Self Seal Non Window White Wallet Pack 5
      • BSP4025 Envelope Postage Included C4 Self Seal Non Window White Wallet pack 25
      • BSP0510 Envelope Postage Included DLE Self Seal Non Window White Pack 10
      • BSP5050 Envelope Postage Included C5 Self Seal Non Window White Pack 50
      • BSPMX20 Post Postage incl MaxPop W TS 500
  • Business Mail Centre Services

Please refer to the Standard Mail Rate Card (PDF 49KB) for pricing. New prices will apply from 1 July 2023.

We don’t recommend using multiple KiwiStamps for larger letters as the value of KiwiStamps will be increasing from 1 July 2023 to $2.00 each, which means, if you use multiple KiwiStamps, you’d be paying more than required. For larger letters, our recommendation is to use a KiwiStamp, plus a stamp of a fixed denomination to add up to the postage value you need. E.g. The cost to post a Standard Mail Large envelope is $3.30, if you use 2 x KiwiStamps, you’d be paying $4.00. By using 1 x KiwiStamp ($2.00) plus other stamps to the value of $1.30, you save 70 cents.

Bulk Mail

Bulk Mail is a category of mass mailing that meets specific criteria, including a minimum item lodgement which enables efficient processing, and as a result, attracts reduced pricing. Bulk Mail includes the following products: AdCard, FlexiMail, Publication Mail and VolumeMail. It is usually (but not always) produced on behalf of an organisation by a specialist mailhouse that deals with large or complex mailings.

Zonal Pricing is our pricing structure that applies to all Bulk Mail products and charges different prices for mail delivered to different areas. Four pricing zones (A-D) are defined by postcodes and each zone has a different delivery price. Zonal Pricing applies to AdCard, FlexiMail VolumeMail, and Publication Mail products. A fifth tier (IPC) applies to items sent with an invalid postcode.

You may download the NZ Post Bulk Mail Zones (.xlsx 100KB).

The NZ Post Bulk Mail Zones list provides details of the postcode zone and delivery type for all valid postcodes in NZ. 

Note: There are 3 listed postcodes that have no zonal mapping as they have no physical mail delivery points, i.e., all mail sent to those postcodes should be addressed to the PO Box Lobby within the postcode. These are highlighted in yellow in the PDF. 

If you wish to obtain a csv version of the Bulk Mail Zones list you may convert the spreadsheet provided above, or please contact [email protected]

You are required to submit a Lodgement Data File with each physical VolumeMail, AdCard, FlexiMail and Publication Mail lodgement via the online ‘Lodgement Manager’ system.  

The key points to note are as follows: 

  • Zonal Pricing covers all Bulk Mail products: AdCard, FlexiMail, VolumeMail and Publication Mail. Each zone has a different price. 
  • A feature of Lodgement Manager enables you to upload the Lodgement Data File automatically through an API process. 

The Lodgement Data File contains addressing information of each mail item in an AdCard, VolumeMail, FlexiMail or Publication Mail product postal lodgement. This file is integrated at lodgement time by NZ Post.

The postcode for each mail item (based on the addressing information supplied in the Lodgement Data File) is assessed to determine which zone applies to that mail item and the total cost of postage is then calculated on that basis. Note that mail items that do not have a postcode, or that have an incorrect postcode, will be considered invalid postcode (IPC) items and will be charged the highest price point.

A Lodgement Data File (LDF) is required to be submitted for all Bulk Mail services to ensure the Address Accuracy Percentage (AAP) process functions properly. 

Having a high Address Accuracy Percentage (AAP) and ensuring all addresses have a correct postcode included is the best way to ensure your lodgement is charged at the lowest price. The destination of the mail items will determine the final price.

Being able to supply the Lodgement Data File (LDF) will give you access to the most competitive mail rates. In most cases, this should be a simple task to complete. However, you require access to Lodgement Manager to lodge Bulk Mail. Please contact [email protected] for access and support.

Each Bulk Mail lodgement is assessed using the Postal Address File standards and valid postcodes. An AAP is calculated to determine the Bulk Mail pricing tier to be applied. Items with invalid postcodes (IPC) will be excluded from the AAP assessment to avoid a double pricing penalty. 

AdCard lodgements must have an AAP rating of >80% to qualify for Bulk Mail pricing. 

IPC is an abbreviation for invalid postcode and is a separate pricing tier for all Bulk Mail rate cards. When lodging AdCard, FlexiMail, VolumeMail and Publication Mail lodgements, all mail items with missing or invalid postcodes will be charged at the IPC price. 

Mail items that do not include postcodes will, by default, be charged the highest cost delivery tier (IPC). Having a high Address Accuracy Percentage (AAP) and ensuring all addresses have a correct postcode included is the best way to ensure your lodgement is charged at the lowest feasible price applicable to your mail item. The destination of the mail items will determine the final price. 

Once you have uploaded the Lodgement Data File (LDF) into Lodgement Manager, along with the normal lodgement information (e.g. product and volume), the system will calculate the volume for each zone and assign the correct pricing for the lodgement. It’s important to note that, as there will be no identifiable customer data being shared with us, there are no privacy or security concerns for your customers. 

You can use the Bulk Mail rate card and Zonal Pricing information to estimate the cost of postage for a lodgement. We have developed a system for files to be submitted electronically by saving but not submitting the file, allowing you to determine postage costs under the Zonal Pricing structure. Once you have submitted your lodgement, the saved file can be deleted. 

If your lodgement does not meet the required specifications to allow it to be machine processed, you will be given the option of taking your lodgement back to make it compliant or being charged a manual handling fee. The per item amount of the fee will depend on whether prior approval to lodge has been sought.

No, Zonal Pricing charges will be determined by the zone that the Bulk Mail items are being sent to (the destination). Zonal Pricing charges are not based on the origin of the item. 

AAP is a price differentiator on the Bulk Mail Rate Card (PDF 61KB). All Zonal (A, B, C & D) pricing is differentiated by AAP tiers. However, all mail items with missing or invalid post codes will be charged at the same IPC price relative to the product and size rather than the AAP tier. 

Yes, the ability to upload files in Lodgement Manager is available for you to test your files. 

International items should be lodged separately from Domestic Bulk Mail. Any international product in your physical lodgement must be presented at the end of the last tray, separate from domestic product to avoid any delays in delivery. Any International outbound mail included in your Domestic Bulk Mail lodgements can be detected and will be uprated to the International Full rate.

Publication Mail lodgements made after 5pm on weekdays, or at any time on a weekend or public holiday by prior arrangement with your local Mail Service Centre Manager, will be charged a flat rate fee of $0.28 (excl. GST) per item in addition to the normal card rate fee applicable to the lodgement.  Further details for the Publication Mail product can be found in the Postal Users’ Guide

Publication Mail lodgements that include a sample, in accordance with the Publication Mail product specifications, will be charged a flat rate sample fee of $0.40 (excl GST) per item in addition to the normal card rate fee applicable to the lodgement. The Publication Mail Sample fee applies if a sample is included with a publication and this takes the combined thickness into the 20mm–32mm range. Further details for the Publication Mail Sample product can be found in the Postal Users’ Guide

Please contact your Business Manager or our [email protected] for assistance.