Domestic mail service announcements

PostShop openings/closures

The Marion Square Box Lobby will reopen at 140 Vivian Street Wellington, on Monday 29 May.

New PO Box keys have been sent to the current postal address of Box Lobby customers.

Delivery disruptions

24 May 2017

The Air Network operated to a revised schedule due to one of the Boeing 737 aircraft grounded by an engineering defect. This resulted in large volumes of CourierPost and small volumes of FastPst for both North and South Islands being delayed.

CourierPost items will be delivered today. FastPost items will be delivered tomorrow.

28 April 2017

All mail and parcels for customers in the Goose Bay and Oaro areas will be delivered by the Cheviot Rural Post contractor, following the closure of State Highway 1 south of Kaikoura.

The new service will start on Monday 1st May, and will operate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This service will be in place until State Highway 1 has reopened south of Kaikoura, which we expect to be after winter. We will review the situation at regular intervals.

Please note that this change does not affect customers in Kaikoura and north of Kaikoura, who we are able to reach with alternative routes.

We will do our best to provide a consistent and reliable service to our customers south of Kaikoura, but due to logistical and processing challenges, there may be occasional delays. Correct addressing of all mail and parcels will assist us with prompt delivery.

CourierPost network updates

View the delivery updates for the CourierPost network.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Phones prohibited on all domestic services

Please note that Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones are not permitted to be sent by any domestic mail service.

New Zealand Post had temporary arrangements in place until 25 November to collect the phones from local retailers. We are no longer accepting phones for collection. Customers who still have Note7 phones will need to contact Samsung directly for advice on returns.

This relates to all Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices, including newly manufactured ones from the factory and old Samsung Note7 devices recalled from customers and retailers and distributors.