Red Cross Curtain Call

Help New Zealand Red Cross and NZ Post keep Kiwi homes warm this winter, by donating your pre-loved curtains to a Red Cross Curtain Bank.

Winter is here, and you and your pre-loved curtains can make a huge difference to a Kiwi family in need.

How? Simply call 0800 COURIER today and donate your pre-loved curtains to a Red Cross Curtain Bank.

We’ll pick up your curtains for free (please ensure they’re in good condition) and deliver them to a New Zealand Red Cross Curtain Bank. From there, they will go to a new home, helping to keep our most vulnerable Kiwis warm and healthy this winter.

Did you know:
Curtains can reduce heat loss through single-glazed windows by up to 60%.
(Source: Energywise websiteOpens in a new window. )

About Red Cross Curtain Banks

Red Cross Curtain Banks have helped thousands of Kiwis stay warm through the winter months by providing free lined curtains to low-income individuals and families.

Volunteers bring pre-loved curtains back to life and tailor them to fit the windows of recipients’ homes.

Red Cross Curtain Banks are in Whakatane, Tauranga, Gisborne, Palmerston North & Invercargill and rely on generous donations from the public to help those in need.


New Zealand Red Cross curtain banks rely on people who volunteer their time to adjust and sew the pre-loved curtains donated by members of the public.

Rukia Darweshi is a former refugee from Afghanistan now living in New Zealand. She lost her arm in a rocket attack when she was a child but that hasn't dimmed her passion for sewing. She came to New Zealand through the refugee quota programme and now volunteers with the New Zealand Red Cross Curtain Bank. Find out more about her storyOpens in a new window. .

Did you know:
1 in 5 Kiwis feel their home is often or always cold.
(Source: Stats NZ, Perceptions of housing quality in 2014/15Opens in a new window. )

Why NZ Post is involved

NZ Post has been supporting New Zealand Red Cross for more than 100 years, and today we work together to improve the lives of vulnerable Kiwis and help build resilient communities.

Through our people and our network we make it easy for people to give generously to Red Cross and to deliver help where it's needed most. We see it as another way we can help communities stay connected and strong.

This winter looks like a cold one and we urgently need your help.

How to donate your curtains today

Step 1 Pack your curtains securely and label them Red Cross Curtain Call.
Parcels can be up to 1.5m (max length) and up to 25kg (max weight).

Step 2 Call 0800 COURIER and quote Red Cross Curtain Call.
If your curtains are lined and in good condition, we'll pick them up for free.

Step 3 Leave the parcel out for collection in an allocated spot.
This should be a handy and weather proof location. Please clearly label your parcel(s) Red Cross Curtain Call.

Curtains will be collected that day or the next working day. Please allow an additional 1-2 days for rural collections.

Know someone who is renovating? Tell them about the Red Cross Curtain Call and share our appeal on Facebook and Twitter.

Did you know
1600 Kiwi deaths every year are attributed to cold homes - these are typically our youngest, oldest and most vulnerable people.
(Source: Noted article by Ruth NicolOpens in a new window. , 9 June 2017)


How long do I have to donate my curtains?

We will be collecting curtains up until Monday 23 July, 2018.

What kind of curtains will NZ Post collect?

Red Cross need your curtains to help keep homes warm and healthy, so to do the job they need to be clean and in good condition, without any mould.

While we do appreciate all generosity, sheer curtains or curtains in bad disrepair are not suitable. Please don’t donate if you think your curtains don’t meet the criteria above, as the Red Cross will need to dispose of these at a significant cost to them.

How do I pack my curtains?

Curtains can be packed into a box or large plastic bag and must be securely sealed to protect them from the weather.

Curtains can be heavy so if you're putting them in a box, please ensure that they are less than 25kg per box and less than 1.5m long.

Please clearly label your parcel(s) Red Cross Curtain Call so that our drivers know where to take them.

What if I have more than one set of curtains to donate?

You can donate as many parcels of curtains as you like. Just tell the team when you call 0800 COURIER how many parcels you have for collection - and make sure they are securely packed and labelled Red Cross Curtain Call.

What happens to my donated curtains once they have been picked up?

Donated curtains will be collected and distributed to Red Cross Curtain Banks in Whakatane, Tauranga, Gisborne, Palmerston North & Invercargill where volunteers will upcycle and refurbish them to fit windows of grateful recipients, providing a warmer, healthier place to live.

Who can access Red Cross Curtain Banks?

Potential recipients need to be referred through agencies, which identify individuals or families with a need for curtains. Curtains have been sewn for people with community service cards, renters, private home owners, Housing New Zealand clients and for marae. Contact your local service centreOpens in a new window. for details.

Haven’t found what you needed? Email