New Zealand Red Cross

New Zealand Post has a unique national partnership with the New Zealand Red Cross for disaster relief in the Asia-Pacific region.

Regarding the ongoing bushfires in Australia.

NZ Post has a longstanding relationship supporting The Red Cross during times of crisis.

Alongside The New Zealand Red Cross, we encourage people to donate to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund. The Australian Red Cross is currently delivering psychological first aid, registration services, telephone welfare services and other relief services to those affected by the bushfires. They are also providing emergency grants to people who have lost their homes to the bushfires, allowing them to purchase what they most need.

New Zealand Red Cross is not collecting goods to send to Australia to support people affected by the bushfires. Collecting, storing and shipping donated goods takes time and can clog up ports or logistics chains, meaning that relief items take longer to reach people in need.

NZ Post and the New Zealand Red Cross – A partnership you can trust.

In an emergency, you can count on New Zealand Red Cross. And New Zealand Red Cross can count on NZ Post.

We’ve been supporting the New Zealand Red Cross for more than 100 years. And in 2011, we formed a unique partnership to make it easier for Kiwis to help in a crisis and for our communities to stay connected.

100% of the donations, 100% of the time.

When New Zealand Red Cross puts out the call today, NZ Post responds and within 24 hours our nationwide network is set up to support New Zealand Red Cross’ fundraising, logistical and operational needs. By using our resources and expertise, it’s easier for New Zealand Red Cross to raise emergency funds and ensures 100% of your donations goes directly to helping those in need - here and all around the Pacific-Asia region.

Since the partnership started, more than $630,000 has been donated through our network.

Keeping our Communities connected

We also sponsor New Zealand Red Cross’ five Disaster Welfare and Support trucks, located around the country. These specialised vehicles can support hundreds of people, and act as a communications and operations centre during a crisis. They’re often found at the heart of large scale emergencies in New Zealand and help cut-off communities stay connected with each other and the country.

Building resilient communities

How fast we bounce back from a disaster, depends greatly on how prepared we are to cope with it. That’s why New Zealand Red Cross, with the help of NZ Post, run a number of programmes designed to build resilient communities. Together we’re helping communities do everything from sharing knowledge about risks to preparing the most vulnerable in our communities.