Carbon reduction

Climate Change is significant issue for the world and every individual, business and government needs to do their bit to reduce emissions. Starting to act now can slow climate change affects and in the long run, will cost us less than waiting to act.

Recognising this need for action - a new carbon reduction goal has been approved by the NZ Post Board.

New Zealand Post will be carbon neutral from 2030

What does this mean?

We will reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible through to 2030 and purchase carbon offsets for any remaining emission from that date.


We are putting real effort in reducing our emissions and recognise that a step change in emissions reduction is needed. A decarbonisation fund has been created to invest in low carbon activities. This annual fund will have a value set against the cost of being carbon neutral now (i.e if we had purchased carbon credits to offset our emissions).

There is no silver bullet and efforts will be needed across the business. These could include continuing to invest in electric vehicles, improving the energy efficiency of our buildings, increasing first time delivery rates, reducing our waste to landfill, ensuring we have good network utilisation, and collaborating with suppliers and customers on low carbon initiatives.