Electric vehicles powering deliveries

We are working on a number of innovative new services to make our deliveries more competitive, efficient and eco-friendly.

This includes using new electric-powered vehicles – the four-wheel battery powered Paxster – to provide more flexibility and deliver a full range of mail, from letters to bulky parcels.

A total of $15 million has been set aside for the purchase of the fully electric vehicles over the next two years from Norwegian manufacturers Paxster AS. We have ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals through to 2020 and this investment in the electric vehicles will support us reaching those targets. In fact over one month of use a greenhouse gas reduction of 65% was achieved. This will complement many of the other initiatives we are undertaking to reduce our footprint such as using Z Energy biofuel.

This is a significant investment in alternative technology and New Zealand Post will arguably be the biggest user of road legal electric vehicles in the country.

The four-wheeled vehicles carry loads of up to 200kg but are still small enough to be used on the footpath. They have been part of a successful pilot of combined parcel and mail delivery in Taranaki, have been tested in road trials in Auckland and Wellington, and are already used by postal operators in Europe. Watch the video below to see the Paxster in action.

Another advantage of the Paxster is that it is custom designed for efficient delivery, and our staff will be using vehicles specifically built for their jobs. Plus they have also been designed with recycling in mind so, when they come to the end of their life, the plastic, aluminium and steel components and batteries can all be easily separated and recycled.

The Paxster won an Honours Award for Innovation Excellence given by the Norwegian Design Council in 2013.

* Based on a study conducted during the New Plymouth Pilot. This was based on operational energy use over 26 days, using 19 electric vehicles and one courier van to replace the work of four courier vans. The study was reviewed by Enviro-Mark Solutions.