Measuring up


We use the International Integrated Reporting Framework (<IR>)Opens in a new window. to report on the financial and non-financial dimensions of our business. An integrated report looks at how an organisation’s strategy, performance, governance and prospects create value over the short, medium and long term. The <IR> framework recognises that value is created and measured in multiple ways and refers to six types of capital - environment, people, relationship, expertise, networks and financial.

We were the first New Zealand organisation to produce an integrated report in 2013, and the only New Zealand member of the International Integrated Reporting Council pilot.

You can check out our progress in our latest annual report.

Measurement and certification


We have been CEMARS (Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme) certified since 2013. CEMARS certification is awarded to companies that actively work to understand and improve their environmental impacts.

To get CEMARS certification, an organisation must measure their total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (also known as a carbon footprint) annually, including from vehicles, business travel, fuel, electricity, paper, and waste. They must then achieve emission reductions on a five year cycle and develop plans to manage and reduce emissions continually.

A summary of our certification is available hereOpens in a new window. .

Enviro-Mark Platinum Certification

Our Mailhouses in Auckland and Christchurch have Enviro-Mark Platinum Certification recognising their comprehensive environmental management systems (EMS).

Administered by Enviro-Mark Solutions (a wholly owned subsidiary of Landcare Research) and independently audited, Enviro-Mark aligns with the world-renowned environmental standard, ISO 14001:2004. The EMS programme assesses our performance against agreed standards, legislative compliance, internal processes and continuous improvement practices.

Our Mailhouse team receive EMS training in all areas relevant to their work. They are committed to delivering a high quality service that provides a great customer experience, while minimising their environmental impact. To help us achieve these goals we’ve set environmental targets that we can monitor our progress against and report the results.

Find out more about our Mailhouse services and check out the Enviro-Mark EMS programmeOpens in a new window. .


The New Zealand Post Group is a member of several organisations promoting sustainable development including: