Measuring up


Reporting for us is the most essential part of our planning.

We were the first business in NZ to adopt the International Integrated Reporting Framework, which isn’t just about reporting, it’s about shaping how we think, plan and make decisions as a business.

The International Integrated Reporting Framework centers our business around six core threads, each of which has its own aspirations that we measure our performance against to see the value we are adding.

Environment and People are two of the six threads we measure our performance against at NZ Post. Delivering for good in our environment and our communities isn’t just an add-on or a nice to do, it’s embedded at the very core of our business.

Read our last annual integrated report and see our sustainability plan (PDF - 854KB) for the year ahead.

Materiality is central to integrated thinking and reporting, with its multi-stakeholder approach identifying the impact on our ability to create value over time. Learn more about our material issues, or read our 2021 Climate Disclosure, (PDF - 2MB) our 2022 Climate Disclosure (PDF - 1.6KB) or our latest 2023 Climate Disclosure. (PDF 1.7KB)

Measurement and certification

We know sustainability can be confusing. It’s important to us that we’re doing it properly and that we’re holding ourselves accountable.

That is why work with Toitū envirocare to ensure we measure ourselves to an internationally approved standard.

We’re proud to be a Toitū carbonreduce® certified organisation in line with ISO 14064-1.

This means we’ve measured and managed the operational emissions of our organisation, including business travel, electricity, vehicles and offices, in accordance with ISO 14064-1 and the GHG Protocol. Read our carbon disclosure on the Toitū website.

Reaching Gold standards

Our Mailhouses in Auckland and Christchurch are also Toitū enviromark® gold certified meaning they have a robust environmental management system in place. Our certified environmental management system ensures we can continually improve the way we impact our environment.

Our Mailhouse team is committed to delivering a high-quality service that provides a great customer experience, while minimising their environmental impact.

Find out more about our Mailhouse services and check out the Toitū enviromark® programme.

Customised Carbon Reporting, join our emission mission

Measure and manage carbon emissions of your organisation’s total domestic parcels sent with NZ Post. 

Verified by Toitū Envirocare, the report is suitable for use and audit in an ISO 14064-1:2018 compliant inventory.   

From pickup to delivery, the report reveals your personalised data of your domestic courier parcels in an easy to read format. 

Breakdowns are available by account for organisations that have more than one domestic courier account with us.    

Get in touch with your Business Manager to discuss signing up today.



We recognise we can’t reach our sustainability goals alone and collaboration is key, so we hold memberships with several organisations that are helping advance sustainable business practices in NZ and worldwide including:

Climate Leaders Coalition

Launched in 2018 to promote business leadership and collective action on the issue of climate change. Our CEO David Walsh is one of the founding members.


WasteMINZ is the authoritative voice on waste, resource recovery and contaminated land in NZ, and seeks to achieve ongoing and positive development of our industry.

Sustainable Business Network (SBN)

As NZ’s longest-standing sustainable business organisation, this network collaborates to co-create solutions to some of the biggest problems in New Zealand in the areas of climate, waste and water.

Sustainable Business Council (SBC)

SBC connects member businesses, partners, and sectors to create impact that no single business could achieve alone, by taking initiative and inspiring other businesses to also take action.

International Post Corporation and Universal Postal Union 

NZ Post is active within these oranisations' sustainability programmes.

International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)

The IIRC is a global coalition with high-profile Council Members and Ambassadors leading the movement for integrated reporting adoption.

The Packaging Forum Soft Plastic Programme

The Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme invests in and promotes recycling solutions, so you can help keep New Zealand green and clean.


Although its not why we do it, we’re incredibly proud of the awards we’ve achieved along the way, signalling that we’re heading in the right direction on our sustainability journey.

NZ Post courier hugging a tree in a forest

Delivering for our planet

How we’re mitigating the environmental impact of our products, services and buildings.

NZ Post courier and woman seated on a park bench

Delivering for Good

We’re supporting a number of truly deserving organisations with free courier services.