Volunteering in our communities

Each year our people get a day’s paid volunteer leave to offer their time and energy in their community.

Volunteering in our communities

Each year our people get a day’s paid volunteer leave to offer their time and energy in their community.

A group of volunteers in tall grass
A group of volunteers in tall grass

Over 700 hours volunteered this year

Hundreds of our people are volunteering their time and effort every year. So far this year over 700 hours have been volunteered to a variety of projects – from preparing frozen meals, sewing school bags and gardening at Epuni School, to clearing drains below the walking tracks on Kapiti Island Nature Reserve.

A group of SPCA volunteers
A group of SPCA volunteers

Looking for volunteers?

We support our staff to volunteer in a field they are passionate about and we encourage organisations from our communities to let us know about any volunteering opportunities our people could participate in.

Tell us about your volunteering opportunity

If you have a volunteering opportunity our people might be interested in, please fill out the form below.

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Volunteer testimonials

Volunteers in a storeroom

Ronald McDonald House - Wellington.

We were tasked with various roles (setting up rooms for families, helping in the laundry, and clearing out their big industrial freezer). Kerry, Louise and I spent our time lining the shelves in their pantry so that it’s easier for them to wipe when cleaning.

If you haven’t had a chance to get out and do any volunteering yet, I really recommend checking it out, we have such a great opportunity through work to give back to our communities and it’s also a nice way to get away from the daily routine.

Astraea Clarkson-Nalder.

A group of volunteers with a green collection bag

Conservation Volunteers - Tarakena Bay, Wellington.

We removed weed species along Wellington's south coast at Tarakena bay to preserve the coastal dunes.

Coastal dunes are home to a range of native animals, including 4 species of native lizard: common gecko, the common skink, the spotted skink, and the copper skink.

Wellington's weather put on a stunning show for us! there was no wind and clear skies! it was BEAUTIFUL day! We all had fun and played our part in restoring the south coast sand dunes.

Kuljit Kaur.

Volunteers cleaning up a backyard

SPCA - Christchurch.

After a very thorough induction, there were many jobs that needed to be completed. Line trimming all of the long grass, putting in a new footpath, weed spraying, gardening, waterblasting, trimming of hedges and other maintenance tasks. Luckily the weather was fantastic and we had such a wonderful group of workers that just got in and made it happen.

Feedback from the SPCA was that we got through all of their jobs and that by 1/2 way through the second day, they had to find us more jobs to do. They were super impressed with us. I am really proud of how much work we got through, and I am sure that all would agree, that the behind the scenes tour at the end was a great way to see the incredible work that the SPCA team, volunteers and foster parents do each and every day to look after those that can't speak for themselves.

Rachel Bishell.