Working with our partners

We partner with a lot of different organisations to deliver our products and services – and to help them deliver theirs. It’s vital that these partners share our commitment to sustainability.

We work closely with our partners to reduce our collective impact. That means taking stock of everything we do – from end to end – and working together to minimise environmental and social harm.

The products and services we’re purchasing (such as corporate uniforms, fuel, packaging, lightbulbs…), the way our products and services are delivered and used (vehicle fleets, mail sorting machines, photocopiers...) and how things are disposed of (both by us and our customers) are all part of that picture.

By working closely with like-minded partners we can help them achieve their own sustainability goals, reduce resource consumption and waste and collaborate on shared challenges.

We also have a Supplier Code of Conduct which sets out our expectations of our suppliers as well as their suppliers or subcontractors.  Our approach is about identifying opportunities and working with together with our suppliers to achieve a common vision.