Smart online communications

Maximise the impact of your communications using rich customer data – the right message at the right moment via the right channel.

NZ Post communications technology helps businesses ensure a consistent and positive customer experience. Publish to different channels simultaneously. Keep communications personal by creating custom sending rules based on customer preferences, or embed dynamic information in online statements. And to ensure nothing goes undelivered, track customer contact changes.

Smart, device-agnostic communication

Publish your communications simultaneously everywhere, irrespective of device or delivery method.

Embed dynamic information

Embed links, useful info and individually tailored offers in online statements and other communications.

Customisable sending rules

Set conditions for sending communications based on customer preferences, such as delivery method.

Data lists

Segment your customer data into lists to help send useful, targeted messages.

Automatic address & contact updates

Keep physical and online contact or address info up-to-date as your customers move or change devices.

App integrations

Integrate our communications technology with your HTML5 web or mobile applications.

Customer Stories

What our customers have to say: Lion NZ
Read about how Lion NZ embedded dynamic information in their statements to make sending and receiving statements a more positive customer experience.

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