Developer Resource Centre

Developer Resource Centre

Integrate our APIs into your web and mobile apps today

Our Developer Resource Centre offers everything you need to integrate your websites and mobile apps with our APIs. We have enhanced our Shipping interfaces to help you provide the best possible experience for your customers.

Our APIs are documented with examples, and implemented as RESTful web services for ease of integration. Specific details on each API, its business context and how to get started is below.

Shipping / Public

Power your eCommerce apps with integrated shipping using our Shipping API suite. Deliver integrated shipping on your eCommerce web store and apps to enable you and your customers to send parcels using services across NZ Post, CourierPost and Pace.


Capture domestic and international shipping address at checkout with integrated domestic (residential, business and rural) and international (Google Places) addressing.


Display all NZ Post, CourierPost and Pace parcel services and rates enabled on your NZ Post account to the chosen destination address.


Generate shipping labels for Domestic (NZ) and International parcels compliant with NZ Post and CourierPost addressing layout standards.


Digitally request a courier to collect your NZ Post, CourierPost or Pace parcel orders.


Receive updates on NZ Post, CourierPost or Pace parcel delivery status based on network scan events.



Click & Collect

The Click & Collect functionality provides the data so you can display the nearest collection points to your customer’s delivery address and produce a Collection Label for your parcels. These functions use:

Collection Address

For a given address ID, address details are returned with a detailed list of nearby collection points.

Collection Label

Creates a domestic label. If a collection point location ID is provided in the request, the label produced will be a Collection label and the mandatory customer notification subscription will be created.

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Global Business / For Non-New Zealand based customers

NZ Post has a range of services designed to suit the needs of customers that are not based in NZ. To support these delivery services, a range of Global Business APIs have been designed to enable label generation and tracking of parcels sent into NZ or to one of our supported delivery destinations.


Generate shipping labels for Domestic (NZ) and International parcels compliant with NZ Post and CourierPost addressing layout standards.

Register Parcel

Register parcel with NZ Post using your own barcode.

Parcel Track - Create

Create parcel tracking events.

Parcel Track - Poll

Poll parcel tracking events.

Parcel Track - Subscribe

Subscribe to parcel tracking events.

Addressing / Public

Addressing data service is designed to help ensure you capture accurate domestic postal addresses in a way that’s easy for your customers. It uses address data from NZ Post’s National Postal Address Database (NPAD).

Address Checker

Predictive address validation (using the NPAD).

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Get started

To use the public APIs just register for access and get started. We will approve your application within 2 working days.

Business Account

To access our APIs you need to use your NZPost, CourierPost or Pace Business Account. If you don't have one apply here. We can usually process your application within three to five working days.

This is pre-requisite for any apps to access our APIs.

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Shipping APIs

If you already ship goods with the NZ Post Group you can access the Shipping APIs at no additional cost. Labels produced by the APIs are charged to your business account when the parcel is collected by the courier.

Additional support

Please ensure you have your NZ Post, CourierPost or Pace account details ready. Details may be requested by Support prior to processing your request.

Additional resources

For further information, try these resources from the NZ Post Group.

Are you currently using the NZ Post beta APIs?

Are you currently using the NZ Post APIs at We will continue to support these but plan to migrate them to another platform in the future. We will notify you at least 30 days prior to any APIs being deprecated. Please contact us if you have any questions.