A New Zealand Post cloud-based internet application that simplifies and automates the process of delivering your customer orders.


A New Zealand Post cloud-based internet application that simplifies and automates the process of delivering your customer orders.

Benefits of using eShip

  • Easy to use, intuitive interface to help you manage your orders and parcel shipping.
  • Easy to sign up and integrate with many well-known local and global eCommerce platforms.
  • Import all your orders into one cloud-accessible location.
  • Print packing slips, invoices, parcel labels (and electronically submit customs manifests).
  • Communicate to your customers their parcel tracking information and order status.
  • Immediate scalability for growing businesses.

Features of eShip

CourierPost, NZ Post International and Pace in one product

eShip is the first product to offer all our carrier options in one place. You can add new shipping options your their business grows and expands - without having to engage a new courier service nor having to train your staff on a new software product.

Customised email notification

eShip can send parcel recipients tracking information emails and text messages. You can customise the appearance of these emails to include your own wording, branding, and links to social media.

Pick Slips

With eShip, you can create pick slips for any open order. It contains the customer’s contact and address information, along with the products in the order and a barcode that references the order number. Pick slips are used by warehouses where multiple users are processing and printing orders.

Quick Print

With the Quick Print function, you can input an order number and open the order for editing or print a label immediately. Quick Print works particularly well with pick slips, as the pick slip barcode can be scanned to input the order number into eShip to print the label, enabling a warehouse with multiple users to quickly pick and pack high order volumes with accuracy.

Bulk Printing

eShip can bulk print imported orders. If these orders have had a shipping service and parcel size assigned (either manually or automatically via Rules and Package settings), the orders can be selected and printed in a batch. eShip makes bulk printing easy and intuitive.


On demand reporting is available in eShip and can be downloaded as csv, pdf or a Word document. These reports are designed to aid your reconciliation or to track your parcel shipping volumes.

Address book upload

You can upload your company’s address book into eShip to save time on data entry and to make sure your address information is valid. This is very helpful for businesses that ship to the same customers frequently.  You can easily upload a spreadsheet of address data to the address book in eShip to save manual typing.

Learn how to import an address book

Order file import

It’s also possible to import orders from a spreadsheet file.  Orders contain addressing information along with an order number, product information, item weight and delivery instructions.  This means all a user needs to do is assign a delivery service and pick a parcel size in order to print a label. This is a big time saver!

Learn how to import orders


Rules are designed to automate the selection of shipping services and auxiliary services when orders are imported via an integration or from a file. For example, a user could create a role that makes an order have Signature Required if it’s worth over a certain monetary value, or choose a more urgent delivery service based upon an option the customer selected in the integrated product. Using rules removes the manual step of assigning delivery services to each order, meaning that imported orders can be printed immediately, increasing the speed at which orders can be processed.

Learn how to create rules


eShip can integrate with all of the most popular ecommerce, CRM and warehouse management tools. You can find out how to integrate each product here.

Order Import

Every ten minutes eShip will automatically import any new orders, making these available for users to action on the Ship screen.

Tracking Number Transfer

After an order is printed, eShip will send the integrated product the tracking number.  Many eCommerce platforms can add this tracking number to its own tracking page or email it to the customer.

Order Update

eShip can update the status of the order in the integrated product; typical changing it from “Processing” to “Complete”.  This triggers features such as sending email notification the item is on its way, or an invoice email.

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What do you need to get started?


A NZ Post, CourierPost or Pace account number - depending on the types of parcel products you are sending

For CourierPost account

  • Site Code (CourierPost account only)
  • Your parcel rates loaded in our systems (CourierPost account only)


A label printer or A4/A5 printer

Integrated software systems

eShip can integrate with a number of popular eCommerce, CRM and warehouse management tools

If you require an integration not on this list, please speak to your Account Manager.

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