LISCO lodgement tool

LISCO (Letters International Supply Chain Optimisation) is an easy to use, web-based lodgement tool for customers based offshore to manage the lodgement of their mail with New Zealand Post.

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Simply log in to LISCO when you are ready to lodge your mail.

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Benefits of using LISCO

  • A simple to use, online system for creating international lodgement documentation.
  • Visibility throughout the process - from lodgement offshore to receipt by New Zealand Post and release into our network.
  • Template lodgements - making it easy to lodge your most frequent lodgements.  For products you use less frequently there are intuitive product selectors to ensure you use the correct product code.
  • Automatic Pre-Alerts - the system automatically provides New Zealand Post with a pre-alert that your mail has been lodged (and can be customised to pre-alert anyone else that you select that the mail has been dispatched - ie. Freight Forwarders, airlines).
  • Automated Proof of Postings - when your mail has been processed by New Zealand Post, you will receive an alert advising that the mail has been received and processed.

Technical requirements

  • Internet Explorer
  • Java enabled
  • Broadband internet connection (recommended)
  • Printer

Offline lodgement

In the rare event that LISCO is unavailable, please complete the offline lodgement template (XLS - 16KB).

Terms and conditions

The standard terms and conditions of the products and services offered by New Zealand Post Limited, including information on the extent of our liability, are set out in the Public Contract and the Postal Users' Guide. They are also available for reference at PostShop stores and selected New Zealand Post retail outlets.

Delivery targets

Delivery targets are a guide only and we do not guarantee your item will reach its destination within the delivery target. Delivery to and from rural or remote areas may take longer.

Required postage

The required postage is the value of postage required for New Zealand Post to carry the item. Actual price paid may vary instore. The required postage and specifications are subject to change.

Cover for loss or damage, prohibited & restricted items

Before sending mail items, make sure your item is safe to send and will be covered if it goes missing or is damaged. Make sure you read about cover for loss or damage and prohibited & restricted items.

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