Sending internationally

Send letters, documents, parcels, freight items over 30kg and personalised cards internationally for you and your business.

Letters & documents

We offer a range of options to send your letters and documents internationally.


We offer a range of options to send your parcels internationally.

Bulk letters, documents & small parcels

We offer a cost effective and flexible Bulk Mail service for sending over 300 letters and documents internationally.

World zones

See the delivery targets for the 5 world zones when using one of our International mail services.

Global logistics

Whether you’re importing or exporting, we have a full range of services, including managed warehousing, sea and air freight, specialist customs clearance and distribution in-market to help you manage your supply chains.

Personalised postage

Give your international business mail greater impact with personalised stamps.

International mail updates

Events overseas can delay the delivery of items.