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In a rapidly changing environment, it is becoming increasingly important to have suppliers who act as a business partner. Identity Direct is the world's leading supplier of personalised children's products. They create products that bring magical, memorable moments that will live in the hearts and minds of children forever.

Watch how our relationship with Identity Direct helped them expand their operation and respond to their customers expectations.

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Business partnerships are key to growth

Whether it’s a Christmas present for your niece, a birthday present for a nephew, or a child was in the tooth fairy’s good books, there will be some reason for you to buy a child a present.

If you want your gift to be memorable, you may decide to personalise it. There are many services which do this, but few have the experience and prominence of Identity Direct.

A direct marketing company, Identity Direct was established in Australia 11 years ago, by Tom and Linda Greene. Their ability to personalise children’s toys, school stationary or towels means they operate online and wholesale channels. Don’t worry, adults can get personalised products for themselves too. Such as your child’s name on your work coffee mug, or a gift from them reading ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.

One of the biggest sellers is books; Identity Direct has sold more than 5 million personalised books worldwide. Over the years they’ve developed a market presence in Australia, Canada, USA, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Identity Direct has successfully built a number of key long term partnerships with industry giants, including Disney, Marvel, Sesame Street and Nickelodeon. Initially all books were manufactured in Australia.

Significant shift

In 2010, Identity Direct began investigating moving their manufacturing plant and customer service centres outside Australia.

With a number of options available such as moving to Asia, Identity Direct made the decision to shift to New Zealand. This was partly due to their strong existing relationship with New Zealand Post through their parent company, Ortega Publishing.

This relationship with New Zealand Post gave Identity Direct confidence in their decision to relocate to New Zealand as they knew they would face significant global logistics challenges in shipping their products from New Zealand to destinations all over the world.

“We have always tried to build a small number of key long term relationships and partners in our business. These work best when we make the effort to explain our business to our supplier – our challenges, our needs and our expectations”.

“This relationship will be essential to helping us address delivery options, tracking etc and to respond to customers expectations. In the rapidly changing environment in which we operate we are increasingly looking to suppliers to act as partner rather than simply provide services” said Tom Greene.

He wasn’t wrong. New Zealand Post helped to provide delivery options for both their consumer and wholesale customers, including ‘local look’ products to both Australia and the United Kingdom, tracking functionality and (via New Zealand Post’s strong connections globally) a reliable, dependable and visible end-to-end supply chain. This capability allows Identity Direct to move faster. In fact, Identity Direct is now looking at expanding to worldwide distribution through New Zealand Post.

Measurable impact

New Zealand Post has worked with Identity Direct to increase its customer base, improve efficiency and has given Linda and Tom the confidence to build a credible global network from New Zealand.

“We’re now focusing more on how we can help our customers grow and expand” said New Zealand Post Head of International, Parcels & Logistics Alastair Floyd.

Overall Floyd said New Zealand Post’s partnership with Identity Direct has strengthened their existing relationship and benefited both companies.

You can have a look at Identity Direct’s New Zealand websiteOpens in a new window. to see the great range of products they offer their customers in New Zealand.

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