Statement of Accuracy

To help qualify for the best Bulk Mail rates by providing an 80% Statement of Accuracy for your customer addresses, find a certified provider or purchase SendRight software to develop your own application in-house.

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A Statement of Accuracy is an electronic certificate showing the percentage of addresses in your address mailing list or database that are valid matches against the New Zealand Post Postal Address File (PAF).

The PAF is New Zealand Post’s definitive file of New Zealand postal addresses within our delivery network. It includes around 1.8 million delivery addresses and is an electronic file of data which can be licensed directly from New Zealand Post.

Having an 80% accuracy rate for your customer addresses means New Zealand Post can deliver your mail efficiently and accurately. It also reduces costs to your business for things like returned mail.

Valid for 12 months, your Statement of Accuracy requires an identification number and percentage rating which must be declared against all Bulk Mail lodgements on a Statement of Posting, i.e. an AR19N or Lodgement Manager Manifest. You must renew your Statement of Accuracy every 12 months in order for it to remain valid, otherwise you will not be eligible for Bulk Mail rates.

Prices for Statement of Accuracy

A threshold of 80% applies to be eligible for Bulk Mail rates. If you have a Statement of Accuracy of less than 80%, the lodgement will qualify for either Tier 4 rates (VolumePost, GoFlexible, PrintPost) or Standard Mail rates (Adcard) as illustrated in the below SOA pricing table.

Product SOA (95%+) SOA (90% - 94.99%) SOA (80% - 89.99%) SOA (under 80%)
VolumePost Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
GoFlexible Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
PrintPost Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Adcard Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Standard

Apply for a Statement of Accuracy

To produce a Statement of Accuracy, your business must use software certified by New Zealand Post. We recommend SendRight certified Data Solution Providers

Alternatively your business can purchase the SendRight certified software directly or develop software in-house. Data services providers and in-house software developers can apply to have their software SendRight™ certified.

What addresses can be excluded?

The following address types can be excluded from your Statement of Accuracy calculations:

  • Community Boxes
  • Poste Restante
  • International
  • Counter Delivery
  • Private Bags with no number
  • Addresses maintained by other postal operators, for example DX, Mail Boxes etc


Statement of Accuracy reconciliation takes place each month. This is where an automated check compares the Statement of Accuracy data received from the Data Solution Providers against declarations made on the Statement of Posting forms.

Any discrepancies will be notified on a monthly basis.

SendRight is a trade mark of New Zealand Post Limited.

Next steps

To have a Statement of Accuracy produced on behalf of your business, search for and contact a SendRight certified Data Solution Provider.