Envelope assessment

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Have the layout and design of your envelope assessed by New Zealand Post to ensure it meets our envelope layout standards to qualify for Bulk Mail discount rates before you send your designs to your printer.

Your mail piece must meet the envelope layout standards whether for our machinable Bulk Mail products or our manually-sorted Bulk Mail products.

The envelope layout standards govern the size, layout and construction of mail pieces and have been introduced to ensure that your mail items are processed with maximum efficiency.

Read our envelope layout standards user guide below as a ready-reference tool when designing new envelopes or new mail pieces or when checking existing stock.

Envelope Layout Standards (PDF - 5.6MB) outline our requirements for both machinable Bulk Mail products (VolumePost 1, VolumePost 3, Business Standard and Approved FreePost) and manually sorted Bulk Mail products (GoFlexible, Business Flexible and PrintPost).

Get your envelopes assessed

This is optional when sending Bulk Mail by VolumePost1, VolumePost3, Business Standard, Approved FreePost, GoFlexible, Business Flexible and PrintPost and will ensure your mail is accepted on lodgement. To have your envelope design assessed please email your envelope design to fp.pp@nzpost.co.nz.

You'll receive an envelope assessment report showing whether you can use the envelopes for the service you require. If your envelope doesn't meet our standards, the report will provide specific details about the areas you need to correct.

The report also explains that some aspects of envelope design and layout cannot be assessed. For example, we cannot assess how it will go through our machines during use, as thickness, print quality, phosphorescence and other factors can all impact on the machines' ability to process mail efficiently. However, these specifications must still be met and can be found in the envelope layout standards.