About Lodgement Manager

Lodgement Manager is an easy to use, web-based electronic lodgement tool. It is designed to enable your organisation to manage the lodgement of business mail.

Simply enter the product and quantity of mail you are sending into the Lodgement Manager tool, submit this and print out your Statement of Posting.

Before you get started in Lodgement Manager, please ensure your business meets the technical requirements below:

Technical Requirements

  • Users of Lodgement Manager Version 7.0 require the following technical specifications:
  • Internet access
  • Internet Explorer 6 or 7, or Firefox 2 browser
  • JavaScript enabled on your browser
  • Adobe Reader 7.0 or greater
  • Add the Lodgement Manager application and Help Site URLs to your trusted sites
  • High speed broadband internet connection
  • Laser printer (to ensure the barcode is able to be scanned if International Air Satchel (IBP) consignment notes are being produced) otherwise an inkjet printer.

Note: If you are lodging both domestic and international products on the same Statement of Posting then the printer setting should be single sided to ensure the respective documents print separately.


New Zealand Post is running a controlled Pilot (to a limited Customer base) prior to deploying Lodgement Manager to all Customers.

Customers involved in the Pilot will use their Statement of Posting books (AR019N) as the Business Continuity option. Longer term these forms will be phased out and a replacement Business Continuity Statement of Posting (BC019N) will be made available.

Pilot Customers will have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience with using Lodgement Manager. Once the Pilot is complete, the first tranche of Customers will be deployed. Included in this are Mailhouses and Mailroom Manager Customers.

The national rollout has four tranches. Please phone our National Contact Centre on 0800 501 501 if you have any questions about the rollout.

What do I do with my AR019N book?

Your AR019N book should not be used once you start using Lodgement Manager. New Zealand Post will be in touch with you and arrange the recall of your unused AR019N forms.

You will be given a book of Business Continuity forms for use if Lodgement Manager is unavailable.

Business continuity

What to do if you can't log on to Lodgement Manager.

For information on why Lodgement Manager is not available contact us on 0800 501 501.

Short term outage

If you still want your lodgement to be recorded in Lodgement Manager, and the expected time that you can't get access is short, then our recommendation is that you use the excel spreadsheet template to enter your data in and load when Lodgement Manager returns to normal function.

Note: this will require you to download the excel spreadsheet prior to the outage. We recommend that you hold a blank spreadsheet on your LAN or C:\ drive for use in a business continuity situation.

Long term outage

Where Lodgement Manager is expected to be unavailable for a long period, you will need to move to a manual lodgement method. Upon set up you will be issued with a Business Continuity Statement of Posting (BC019N) that is for use in this situation.

Note: manual forms (i.e. BC019N or AR019N) are not processed through Lodgement Manager Get Sending and therefore will not be present in any Lodgement Manager reporting. Follow the standard process to send completed forms with mail to the Business Mail Acceptance Point. For more Business Continuity forms contact us on 0800 501 701.