Lodgement requirements

Follow our Bulk Mail lodgement requirements to ensure your business qualifies for discounts.

If Bulk Mail isn’t submitted correctly is can result in reclassification to an applicable Letter Domestic Product (LDP) mail rate across the total lodgement.

Lodgement of Bulk Mail requirements:

  • Minimum volume thresholds must be met depending on the New Zealand Post Bulk Mail service used - see our Bulk Mail services
  • VolumePost 1 , VolumePost 3 and Business Standard must be trayed
  • GoFlexible, Business Flexible and PrintPost lodgements must be either trayed or presented as 'bundles'
  • Mail must be faced with the delivery address facing forwards, except for the last item which needs to be 'back-faced' so that the delivery address is still visible
  • Mail must be labelled correctly
  • The Statement of Accuracy identification number and percentage rating must be declared on the Statement of Posting for the declaration to be valid (does not apply to Business Standard or Business Flexible)
  • Ensure your Customer Agreement Code is populated on your Statement of Posting and/or Lodgement Manager. If a Code is not available, leave this field blank
  • Mail must be lodged in ascending postcode order (applies to VolumePost 1, GoFlexible and PrintPost only)
  • Mail must adhere to the thickness requirements depending on the New Zealand Post Bulk Mail service used - see our Bulk Mail services
  • PermitPost indicia must be present and correctly positioned on the envelope
  • Address and envelope layout standards are met
  • The recorded lodgement time matches the Product Code used
  • VolumePost 1, VolumePost 3 and Business Standard must be flexible enough to go through the sorting machines. Please ensure each mail item and its contents can be bent around a 280mm diameter circular service (i.e. approximately 180 degrees).

Each New Zealand Post Bulk Mail service has different rates depending on the service you require. Please be aware product codes and mail rates may change if our Bulk Mail standards are not met.

Next steps

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