Packaging standards

We want to help you get your parcel to its destination safely, so we’ve put together some simple guidelines. By following these easy steps, you can help us to:

  • Protect your parcel against damage while it is being transported and delivered.
  • Protect other customers’ parcels – you could be liable for damage to other items if it’s caused by inadequate packaging.
  • Protect our people and equipment against injury or damage.

Your responsibility

By accepting your item, we do not acknowledge that your packaging is sufficient to ensure the item is delivered undamaged.

Wrap to allow for a 1.2m drop

Please ensure that any item is well packaged to endure a 1.2 metre drop. On occasion parcels could be dropped, have items dropped on them, be nudged, placed sideways and/or upside down, so it is important that the parcel is packaged safely. We recommend cushioning the corners and consider whether your items would be best protected by the use of an inside and/or outside container.

We recommend packaging materials such as:

  • Handi Bubble Wrap
  • Polychips
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Shredded or rolled paper
  • Polyethylene foam sheeting

When sending heavy items, please make sure they can’t move within the parcel during delivery to avoid damaging the outer packaging.

Learn more about how to package items.