Hospitality NZ 18+ card

Apply for a Hospitality NZ 18+ card at your local PostShop and we’ll organise and forward it on to Hospitality NZ for you.

Or were you after: 

Simply fill in an application form, bring along the required identification, then we’ll forward it to the Hospitality NZ. You’ll receive your card in the mail in two to three weeks.

Hospitality NZ 18+ cards are great for:

  • Anyone 18 years of age or older who wants a proof of age verification.
  • Photo identification if you don’t have a driver licence or passport.
  • An alternative form of photo ID.

Things you need to know

To get a Hospitality NZ 18+ card your application form needs to be signed and verified by an authorised witness.

You need to have a current photo id to complete your application, if you don’t have a current photo id you will also need an identifier to verify a passport photo of you. Check your application form to find out who is authorised to be a witness and identifier.

We also require proof of identity, so you’ll need to visit your local PostShop.

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