Change service

Moving house can be a hassle. But letting businesses know your new mailing address is easy with Change. This free service allows you to notify registered businesses of your new address and updated personal details.

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Change is our free online service that allows you to notify registered businesses of your new address and update your personal details.

You need to be registered with New Zealand Post to use the Change service. Registration is free, quick and simple. Make sure you have your New Zealand Drivers Licence handy so we can verify your identity.

If you don’t have a New Zealand Drivers licence, you can still use the Change service. The registered businesses you choose to update may get in touch with you to verify you are who you say you are.

Organisations you can notify

Find out what business and organisations you can notify to help with a seamless transition when you change your address or personal details.

Change of address cards

You can inform family, friends and businesses of your new address quickly and easily with free Change of Address cards. The cards are postage included domestically and internationally. Pick the cards up from any PostShop or contact our National Contact Centre who can arrange for some to be sent out to you.

Next steps

  • Login or register to Change to view or change an existing change of address.
  • Or visit your local PostShop to arrange to hold or redirect your mail and to pick up some change of address cards.