Moving house?

Be one of the first to trial Change, a new free service from NZ Post to help you keep the important organisations in your life up to date with your details.


Change address

Moving house can be a hassle. But letting businesses know your new mailing address is easy with ChangeMyAddress. This free service allows you to notify registered businesses of your new address.

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ChangeMyAddress is our free online service that allows you to notify registered businesses of your new address.

ChangeMyAddress service

You need to be registered with Mover Services to use the ChangeMyAddress service. Registration is free, quick and simple. Make sure you have your New Zealand Drivers Licence handy so we can verify your identity. Register now.

If you don’t have a New Zealand Drivers licence, please visit your local PostShop to arrange to hold or redirect your mail and to pick up some change of address cards.

Organisations you can notify

Find out what business and organisations you can notify to help with a seamless transition when you change your address.

Banking and finance

  • AMP
  • Aventine Group Limited
  • Farmlands
  • Finance Now
  • Medical Assurance Society
  • Perpetual Trust
  • South Canterbury Finance
  • Southland Building Society
  • The Warehouse Financial Services Ltd

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  • Amnesty International
  • Asthma
  • Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust
  • Barnardos
  • CCS Disability Action
  • ChildFund
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • epmu
  • Family Planning
  • Foundation for Arable Research
  • Greenpeace
  • Heart Foundation
  • ihc
  • Leukaemia & Blood Foundation of New Zealand
  • Mary Potter Hospice
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • Neurological Foundation of New Zealand
  • New Zealand Alpine Club
  • New Zealand Contract Federation
  • New Zealand Red Cross
  • NZ Blood Service
  • Order St John
  • Pacific Leprosy
  • Philatelic Bureau
  • Plunket
  • Preventing Violence in the Home
  • Royal NZ Foundation of the Blind
  • Save the Children
  • Starship Foundation
  • Stroke Foundation
  • Tear Fund
  • The Leprosy Mission
  • Unicef
  • World Vision
  • WWF

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Educational institutions

  • Massey University
  • The University of Waikato
  • University of Canterbury
  • University of Otago


  • Ballance
  • BOC
  • BP New Zealand

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  • Ashburton District Council
  • Buller District Council
  • Clutha District Council
  • Inland Revenue
  • Invercargill City Council
  • Kaikoura District Council
  • McKenzie District Council
  • New Zealand Police
  • South Wairarapa District Council
  • Southland District Council
  • Waikato District Council

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  • AMP
  • AON
  • EBS
  • FinTel
  • FMG
  • Insurance Brokers Alliance
  • Medical Assurance Society
  • The Warehouse Financial Services Ltd

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  • Hutt City Libraries
  • Wellington City Libraries

Loyalty programmes

  • AA
  • Farmlands
  • Kathmandu
  • Resene
  • The Warehouse Financial Services Ltd

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Mail order

  • Ballance
  • Ezibuy Ltd
  • Farmlands
  • FotoPost
  • Kathmandu
  • PGG Wrightson
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Ravensdown
  • Resene
  • Smith & Caughey
  • The Warehouse Financial Services Ltd
  • V.E. Veterinary Services Limited
  • Veterinary Enterprises

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  • AA
  • Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust
  • Clutha Veterinary
  • epmu
  • Foundation for Arable Research
  • Medical Assurance Society
  • New Zealand Alpine Club
  • New Zealand Contract Federation
  • Resene
  • Smith & Caughey

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Rural services

  • Ballance
  • DairyNZ
  • Farmlands
  • Federated Farmers
  • FMG
  • Foundation for Arable Research
  • PGG Wrightson
  • Ravensdown

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  • Orcon
  • Slingshot
  • Woosh
  • WorldxChange Communications

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Change of address cards

You can inform family, friends and businesses of your new address quickly and easily with free Change of Address cards. The cards are postage included domestically and internationally. Pick the cards up from any PostShop or contact our National Contact Centre who can arrange for some to be sent out to you.

Frequently asked questions
Terms and conditions

The Change My Address service is provided by New Zealand Post Limited ("we", "our" or "us")

By registering to use the Change My Address service ("Service") you agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

Use of the service

New Zealand Post will, on your behalf, notify the service providers of whom you selected on the Service to advise them of your new contact details at no charge.

You agree to use the Service only to notify us of your new contact details, and where it is required by an organisation / business, new contact details of members of your household who are under your guardianship.

You agree not to use the Service:

  • to notify us of a change of address for any person that has not given you authority to do so;
  • for any fraudulent or unlawful purpose; or
  • to cause annoyance or to send any material which is offensive.

You acknowledge that:

  • you are responsible for ensuring the details you give us are complete and accurate;
  • it is the organisation/business who you notified who is responsible for processing your change of address request. For security purposes, they may contact you to ask you for further information and/or confirmation of the information that you entered into the Service; and
  • your personal details (including full name and address) will be included in the New Zealand Change of Address database (NZCOA). The NZCOA can be rented by organisations and businesses to update their existing databases. An organisation or business that rents the NZCOA may only use the NZCOA to update your details if you are currently in its existing database and is prohibited from adding you if you are not currently in its database. The NZCOA cannot be used by the organisations or businesses to solicit to you or send you marketing material.


Your personal information is being collected by New Zealand Post so that we can notify the organisations that you have selected to notify using the Service, as well as to ask for your feedback on the Service and provide you with information about our other products and services (including from our selected business partners where we think their products or services might be of interest to you). Your personal information will also be used for the purposes as otherwise set out in these terms and conditions.

New Zealand Post will use the NZ Transport Agency database solely to verify your identity using the information you provide from your New Zealand Driver Licence and will not store your Driver Licence details. New Zealand Post takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided or the misuse of identity information for the purposes of identity verification through the NZ Transport Agency database. New Zealand Post does not act on behalf of the NZ Transport Agency in the in the provision of information and the NZ Transport Agency takes no responsibility for New Zealand Post’s conduct or actions in the provision of such information.

Other than as set out in these terms and conditions, or where required by law, your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties. You can access and correct your personal information by writing to the Address Accuracy Team, New Zealand Post, Private Bag 39990, Wellington Mail Centre, Lower Hutt 5045.

Registrar of Electors

We will provide your information as stated on your completed ChangeMyAddress notification to the Registrar of Electors. This will be used by the Registrar of Electors to update the electoral enrolment details of the person submitting a ChangeMyAddress request, including providing enrolment information if you are moving to a different electorate or if you are eligible to enrol but are not currently enrolled as an elector. For further information, including information on how to access and correct your personal information, phone 0800 ENROL NOW (0800 36 76 56) or write to the Registrar of Electors at the address listed under “New Zealand Post” in the white pages of the telephone book.


If your browser is suitably configured, it will advise you whether the information you are sending to us will be secure (encrypted) or not secure (not encrypted). If secure transmission is indicated, we currently use SSL ID's, which is also known as a digital certificate.

New Zealand Post will use a secured FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site to notify the organisations you have selected using the Service of your new details and from which those organisations are able to collect and transfer your change of address details straight into their systems.

Limitation of liability

To the maximum extent permitted by law our liability for any loss or damage however caused in providing the Service is limited to refunding the fee (if any) you have paid us for this Service.

You indemnify and keep indemnified New Zealand Post against any loss or damage however caused arising out of or in connection with your use of the Service or breach of these terms and conditions.


We may make changes to the content of this website and these terms and conditions at any time and without notice. By continuing to use this website after any changes have been made, you acknowledge that you will continue to be bound by these terms.

If you breach any of these terms and conditions we have the discretion to suspend your use of the Service.

This website and these terms and conditions are governed by New Zealand law.

Next steps

  • Login or register to ChangeMyAddress and to view or change an existing change of address.
  • Or visit your local PostShop to arrange to hold or redirect your mail and to pick up some change of address cards.