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Find out when to send your letters, cards, parcels and presents to family and friends to get there before the next special occasion.

2015 holidays Dates
Queen's Birthday 2 June 2015
South Canterbury Anniversary day 28 September 2015
Hawke's Bay Anniversary day 23 October 2015
Labour day 26 October 2015
Marlborough Anniversary day 2 November 2015
Canterbury Anniversary day 13 November 2015
Chatham Islands Anniversary day 30 November 2015
Westland Anniversary day 30 November 2015
Christmas holiday period 25, 26 and 27 December 2015
2016 holidays Dates
New Year holiday period 1, 2 and 3 January 2016
Wellington Anniversary day 25 January 2016
Auckland/Northland Anniversary day 1 February 2016
Nelson Anniversary day 1 February 2016
Waitangi day 6 February 2016
Taranaki Anniversary day 14 March 2016
Otago Anniversary day 21 March 2016
Easter holiday period 25 - 28 March 2016
Southland Anniversary day 29 March 2016
ANZAC day 25 April 2016

Please allow one to two extra working days for delivery when sending over the above periods.

Delivery targets

Delivery targets are guidelines only and we do not guarantee that your item will reach its destination within the delivery target. Delivery to and from rural or remote areas may take longer. For the purpose of delivery targets, the day in which a mail item is accepted by us is day zero. If you post an item over the counter in a New Zealand Post retail outlet after that day’s final clearance, day zero will be the next working day.

You can expect that items sent overseas will usually arrive at their destination within the timeframe specified for each service. Because we do not directly control all parts of the delivery chain, we cannot guarantee that your items will always reach its destination within the delivery target. Delivery to areas outside major cities, or where your item is dutiable or held in Customs, may take longer.

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