Pace for urgent courier services

Big or small, long or short, a precious one of a kind, or the first of many - rely on Pace couriers for security, flexibility and speed.

Or were you after: 

Pace has a 30 to 180 minute delivery target for sending letters or documents across town in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, and same day delivery between almost anywhere in New Zealand.

It’s ideal for stuff that needs to get there fast – like advertising agencies sending proofs, delivering lab samples, sending legal documents by cycle courier, or sending vehicle parts out to workshops.

Charges to send by Pace

If you don’t have a Pace Business Account, Pace will tell you how much your delivery will cost when you get a quote and book a courier.

If you have a Pace Business Account you’ll enjoy discounted rates and you can pay your courier bill monthly.

Sending by Pace

To book a courier, phone Pace on 0800 501 502. Book and pay by credit card over the phone.

For Pace Business Account customers remember to attach a Pace sticker with your job number, and book your Pace urgent courier service onlineOpens in a new window. .

If you don’t have a Business Account with Pace, you can pay by credit card over the phone or by cash when your letter or document is picked up by a Pace courier driver.

Dangerous, valuable and prohibited items

Make sure your item is safe to send with Pace. Read their dangerous, valuable and prohibited itemsOpens in a new window. information.

Terms and conditions

Pace terms and conditionsOpens in a new window.

Next steps

  • If you want to urgently send your item, phone Pace on 0800 501 502.
  • Or to get a Pace Business Account and book your urgent courier services online, phone Pace on 0800 501 502.