Parcel Notifications Terms and Conditions

These parcel notification terms (“Terms”) apply if you are set up to have your customers receive parcel notifications from us when you send them items by relevant Courier and Express services. These Terms also apply if we receive customer information from you before you are set up. If you receive courier services from us under our standard terms, then these form part of the Service Terms - Courier Services. If you receive courier services under another agreement with us, then these terms will form part of that agreement instead.

Nature of Service

  1. The parcel notification service lets your customers receive notifications about the status of their courier parcels via email or SMS messages from us. More detailed specifications for the service can be found in the document titled “Sales Collateral Parcel Notification Service” previously provided to you.
  2. To be set up for the parcel notification service, you must provide us with the registration information we request from you. This may include your TPID (account number), whether your parcels are signature required or not, whether you wish to use email or SMS for your parcel notifications, whether your parcels enable adds on (like no ATL, age restricted, or dangerous goods), and the likely volume of parcel notifications we may need to send to your customers.
  3. Parcel notifications will only be sent for parcels with a New Zealand delivery address, and only for parcels where you provide us with an email address or mobile number (as applicable) in the correct field on the delivery manifest.
  4. You can stop using the parcel notification service whenever you like by sending us 5 business days’ written notice.


  1. The fees for the parcel notification service are as notified to you, or published on our website, from time to time. Any change to the fees will be notified or published at least 30 days before it takes effect. We may change the fees in this way even if we follow a different process for fee changes under your other agreements with us.


  1. It’s important that you comply with our privacy requirements when you use the parcel notification service. You agree that you will:
    1. at all times comply with the Privacy Act 2020 (or any successor law) in relation to your use of the parcel notification service; and
    2. obtain all necessary authorisations or consents for us to use customer information for the purpose of providing your customers with parcel notifications.
  2. We will not use customer information for any purpose other than providing you the parcel notification service and/or any other services you obtain from us, or as otherwise permitted by the Privacy Act 2020 or our other agreements with you.
  3. If you provide us false, incomplete or inaccurate customer information, you will reimburse us for any claims we suffer, or costs that we reasonably incur, as a result.

Service availability and accuracy

  1. You acknowledge and agree that:
    1. the parcel notification service may be affected by weather events, technical problems, third-party service failures, telecommunications coverage and other factors or disruptions which may impact our ability to provide parcel notifications;
    2. as such, we do not warrant that the parcel notification service will always be available, or that any information provided to a customer in connection with a parcel notification will always be accurate or complete; and
    3. as far as permitted by law, we exclude any liability for:
    4. You acknowledge and agree that:
      1. the accuracy or completeness of any information provided to a customer in connection with a parcel notification; or
      2. the parcel notification service being unavailable.


  1. Our liability to you in connection with the parcel notification service for all events that occur in any 12 month period will not exceed the value of the fees paid by you to us for the parcel notification service in the same 12 month period. We will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss in connection with the parcel notification service.


  1. We may change these Terms, and/or the specifications of the parcel notification service, by giving at least 30 days’ notice.
  2. We may also stop providing you the parcel notification service:
    1. immediately without notice, if you breach these Terms; or
    2. by giving you at least 30 days’ written notice.


  1. We can give any notice under these Terms by contacting you directly, or by publishing the notice on our website.


  1. In these Terms:

customer” means any individual in New Zealand whose email address or mobile number you provide to us for the purposes of the parcel notification service;

customer information” means the personal information of a customer and may include a customer’s name, address, phone number, email address or other identifying details;

parcel notification” means an SMS or email notification that we send to a customer regarding the status of a parcel sent to a New Zealand address; and

parcel notification service” means our parcel notification service, as outlined in these Terms.

Download a PDF copy of these Terms and Conditions (PDF - 100KB)

Last updated: 23 June 2021