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New Zealand Post is engrained in the kiwi way of life for 170 years and we are committed to a future that meets your mailing needs both physically and digitally.


New Zealand Post is about delivery – delivering parcels, packages and mail for businesses and consumers.

History of New Zealand Post

New Zealand Post has a rich history stretching back 170 years. From the early 1830s when whalers, missionaries and traders had to rely on occasional passing ships, to the present as a successful commercial entity competing in local and global markets.

New Zealand Post Group

New Zealand Post Group consists of a range of businesses providing communication and business solutions. From the core mail business through to banking and digital solutions, New Zealand Post Group is a vibrant and evolving organisation.

Meet our board

The New Zealand Post Board of Directors is responsible for the overall direction objectives and strategies of the group.

Corporate intent & governance

Read our Statement of Corporate Intent and Statement of Corporate Governance.

Terms of business

New Zealand Post is required by law to meet specific performance standards. Read our terms of business including The Public Contract and Postal Users' Guide to find our standard terms and the postal legislation relating to our products and services.

Terms and conditions

Read our terms and conditions relating to our services for customers.

NZ Post Security Centre

We are committed to doing what we can to protect the security of your mail and keep you safe online.

Our commitment to safety and wellbeing

With a team of over 7,000 employees and contractors, many of whom operate in the public space on our roads, driveways and footpaths, safety and wellbeing is our number one business priority.