Supplying to New Zealand Post

Find out about how New Zealand Post buys goods and services and what sort of purchasing method you should expect when you supply to us.

How New Zealand Post buys goods & services

New Zealand Post has two methods of buying goods and services - the Purchase Order, and the Purchasing Card (PCard). Unless specific arrangements have been made, payment to suppliers will only be made if one of the correct methods has been used.

Purchase Orders

When New Zealand Post purchases goods or services from an organisation on a regular basis, a Purchase Order is the preferred purchasing method. There are two types of Purchase Orders - the standard Purchase Order and the Blanket Purchase Order.

A standard Purchase Order is used for the type of request that needs its own identifying number. For example, your company may provide many different goods to Post, or goods to separate business units. In order for us to track these goods or services, we require a Purchase Order number for each request.

A Blanket Purchase Order is used for those requests that fall under individually negotiated agreements, or for suppliers who provide a specialised product to a specific business person or group. A Blanket Purchase Order is valid for a specific period of time, or a total number of dollars sufficient for a specified period of time.

Purchasing Card (PCard)

The PCard is issued to staff within Post who have a need for buying goods or services. It is used in the same way as any other credit card except that it is Post's company credit card, to be used only for the purchase of goods and services for New Zealand Post.

Purchasing methods

When supplying to New Zealand Post, there are a few purchasing methods:

  • One off purchases - the purchase of goods or services on individual occasions should be made using a Purchase Order.
  • Regular provision of goods/services - where goods or services are provided on a regular basis, as a part of an agreed or contracted arrangement, a Blanket Purchase Order could be used. If not, a standard Purchase Order is required.
  • Occasional provision of goods/services - where goods or services are provided on an "on demand" basis as a part of an agreed or contracted arrangement, but the demand is unpredictable, a Blanket Purchase Order could be used

Where goods or services are provided on an "on demand" basis as a part of an agreed or contracted arrangement, but the demand is unpredictable, a Blanket Purchase Order would be used.

And the PCard can be used in any of the above categories. The only pre-requisite is that your company has credit card facilities (VISA).

Payment terms

Purchase Orders - paid via invoice

Our financial system (FMIS) is set up so that when an order is made, a Purchase Order number (either Individual or Blanket) must be recorded. Once the goods or services are received, the person who ordered them must go into our FMIS system and record their receipt.

Invoices that have been submitted for payment of goods or services must match the recorded Purchase Order number and value, and be receipted in our system. If all of these details are correct, payment of the invoice will be made according to our payment terms.

If the invoice does not include the correct Purchase Order details, we must track down the person who initiated the purchase, who is then required to contact you in order to get a regenerated invoice with the correct details. This can be a lengthy process, so remember to check that the Purchase Order number is correct!

Once authorised, payments will be automatically generated via either our Money Transfer System (MTS) - New Zealand Post's preferred payment method - or, in exceptional circumstances, by printing and mailing a cheque*. Of course, those suppliers on the MTS system will receive payment more quickly than those who must have a cheque printed and physically mailed out! If you would like us to record your details on our MTS system, and receive your payment quicker, talk to us today

*Payment may be made by cheque only for suppliers to New Zealand Post. Post's subsidiaries, including Kiwibank, Express Couriers Ltd, Kiwimail Group, Transend Worldwide and others, do not have the facility for making payments by cheque.

PCard - paid automatically

If a purchase is made using the PCard, payment will be made within the terms of your VISA merchant banking arrangement.

Standard terms & conditions for purchasing

1. Definition

The following definitions apply to these standard terms and conditions

"Agreement" means this agreement to supply goods and/or services by the Supplier to New Zealand Post on the terms and conditions of this order.

"Supplier" means the person or organisation that is supplying the goods or services to New Zealand Post.

"New Zealand Post" means New Zealand Post Limited and includes its successors and assigns.

2. General

The Supplier by supplying the goods or services is deemed to have accepted these term and conditions, which may not be altered without the written consent of New Zealand Post. These terms and conditions shall take precedence over any of the Supplier's terms and conditions, unless the parties agree otherwise in writing.

3. Warranties

The Supplier warrants that the goods and/or services supplied:

  • are of good quality as determined by good industry practice in which the Supplier operates;
  • in providing any service, the Supplier shall exercise the degree of skill, care and diligence as may be expected from competent and qualified practitioners;
  • are in respect of goods, fit for their normal purpose or any other particular purpose New Zealand Post has made known to the Supplier;
    comply with any description, sample or representation that has been provided to New Zealand Post;
  • will be supplied within any time period agreed by the parties; and
  • will comply with all applicable statutes, regulations and any internal policies of New Zealand Post notified to the Supplier.

The Supplier further warrants it has the right to sell the goods to New Zealand Post on the terms of this Agreement; that New Zealand Post will have undisturbed possession of goods supplied to it; and goods supplied to New Zealand Post are free from encumbrances not disclosed to New Zealand Post in writing before title in the goods passes to New Zealand Post.

4. Cancellation

In the event that the goods or services provided by the Supplier fail to comply with any of the warranties above, then New Zealand Post may, without limiting any of its other rights against the Supplier, cancel this Agreement and return the goods to the Supplier and the Supplier shall refund the purchase price of the goods and all reasonable costs of New Zealand Post incurred by the cancellation (including any costs of returning the goods).

5. Health & Safety Obligations

Supplier will at all times comply with any laws, codes and standards relevant to the goods or services and will:

  • promptly notify New Zealand Post of any hazard or accident it becomes aware of in relation to any goods or services supplied to New Zealand Post;
  • hold all the necessary consents, permits and licenses that are needed to provide the goods or perform the services;
  • implement an appropriate Health & Safety policy that complies with all its obligations under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and all other relevant workplace legislation and regulations.

6. Other Obligations

Where the order includes the provision of training services or support/maintenance services, the Supplier will ensure that all such services and any relevant spares or parts are supplied promptly and in accordance with best industry practice.

7. Confidential Information

The Supplier will treat any information supplied to it by New Zealand Post as confidential information and acknowledges that it will only use this information for the purpose for which it is provided, and will return such information to New Zealand Post at New Zealand Post's request. Any intellectual property generated by the Supplier in providing any of the services to New Zealand Post shall become the property of New Zealand Post.

8. Indemnity

The Supplier hereby indemnifies New Zealand Post against all costs, damages (whether direct or indirect), proceedings, losses or other expenses incurred by New Zealand Post as a result of any failure of the goods or services supplied, including, but not limited to, any failure to comply with the warranties specified above.

9. Payment Terms

Payment is to be made by New Zealand Post by the 20th day of the month following receipt of an appropriate invoice for the goods or services from the Supplier. New Zealand Post shall not be required to pay any part of an invoice that is genuinely and reasonably disputed, until such dispute is resolved.

10. Ownership of Goods

Ownership in any goods supplied to New Zealand Post passes to New Zealand Post when delivery of the goods takes place with risk in the goods also passing to New Zealand Post at that time.