Hold business mail

We can hold your mail if you’re planning to be away from your business for a short time.

With our Hold service, everything sent to your postal address is kept safe and secure while you are away. We simply hold all the addressed mail delivered to your address for up to 12 weeks including extensions

Setting up your hold

Please visit your local Post Shop to set up your hold.

You will need to show a form of identification – a Passport, New Zealand Drivers Licence, Hospitality 18+ card, SuperGold Card or Community Services Card.

If you are Holding mail for a business you will need to supply a business authorisation letter on the relevant letterhead with the Hold card.

You need to apply to have your mail held at least three days before you want the service to start.

Hold service fees

The fees depend on how long you want us to hold your mail.

Duration Business Not for profit/School/
Charitable Trust
From 1 day up to 1 week $11 $5.50
Up to 2 weeks $22 $11
Up to 3 weeks $33 $16.50
Up to 4 weeks $44 $22
Up to 5 weeks $55 $27.50
Up to 6 weeks $66 $33
Up to 7 weeks $77 $38.50
Up to 8 weeks $88 $44
Up to 9 weeks $99 $49.50
Up to 10 weeks $110 $55
Up to 11 weeks $121 $60.50
Up to 12 weeks $132 $66

Amend your hold

If you have put mail on hold at your local PostShop and you wish to amend your Hold service, you'll need to go back to your local PostShop to action your request.

You will be required to provide proof of identification where amendments are made at a PostShop as amendments can only be made by an occupant of the address or an authorised agent of the person who made the original request. Fees will apply to all Hold service extensions.

Hold business mail service details

  • New Zealand Post is unable to hold Tracked and Courier items over 3kg , mail delivered by other postal operators and newspapers and circulars can’t be held.
  • Held mail cannot be accessed for the duration of the Hold Service term.
  • New Zealand Post reserves the right to accept, reject or cancel your Hold Service at any time. If you have put your mail on hold at your local PostShop and we have rejected or cancelled your Hold request, we will notify you by phone.
  • If you have paid for a Hold Service request and cancelled it before it starts, you are eligible for a refund. Please contact our National Contact Centre for further details.
  • We will use reasonable care and skill in providing the Hold service, but to the maximum extent permitted by law, New Zealand Post's liability for any loss or damage however caused in providing this service is limited to refunding the fee (if any) you have paid us for the service.