PrintPost is a cost-effective way to send 1,000 or more same weight-range magazines, newsletters or catalogues anywhere in New Zealand, with a delivery target of up to three working days.

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The required postage to send mail by PrintPost is based on the weight of your mail items together with the time you lodge it to be mailed. Maximum thickness of the product is 20mm. PrintPost Sample can accommodate samples or free gifts up to a combined maximum thickness of 40mm at an additional cost.

Daytime rates apply to mail lodged after 8am and before 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding weekends and public holidays). Evening rates apply to mail lodged after 5pm weekdays and at any stage on weekends or public holidays by prior arrangement.

PrintPost codes and prices

Weight range Lodgement time Product code and price per item
Product code ex GST incl GST
up to 199g Daytime PP1S $0.7000 $0.8050
  Evening PP1E $0.9500 $1.0925
200-299g Daytime PP2S $0.7200 $0.8280
  Evening PP2E $0.9800 $1.1270
300-399g Daytime PP3S $0.7600 $0.8740
  Evening PP3E $1.0100 $1.1615
400-699g Daytime PP4S $0.7800 $0.8970
  Evening PP4E $1.0500 $1.2075
700-1kg Daytime PP5S $0.9200 $1.0580
  Evening PP5E $1.2400 $1.4260

PrintPost Sample codes and prices

Weight range Lodgement time Product code and price per item
Product code ex GST incl GST
up to 199g Daytime PPSAM1S $1.0200 $1.1730
  Evening PPSAM1E $1.2600 $1.4490
200-299g Daytime PPSAM2S $1.0400 $1.1960
  Evening PPSAM2E $1.2900 $1.4835
300-399g Daytime PPSAM3S $1.0700 $1.2305
  Evening PPSAM3E $1.3200 $1.5180
400-699g Daytime PPSAM4S $1.0900 $1.2535
  Evening PPSAM4E $1.3700 $1.5755
700-1kg Daytime PPSAM5S $1.2400 $1.4260
  Evening PPSAM5E $1.5500 $1.7825

There will be additional costs if your mail does not comply with PrintPost requirements including the addressing standards and envelope layout standards for manually sorted mail.

Non-Conformance pricing

At least 85% of your mail must comply with our addressing standards for your total lodgement to qualify for PrintPost pricing. If the SOA is less than 85% but at least 70% the portion of mail below the 85% threshold will be charged at a higher rate. For more information please refer to the Bulk Mail rate card (PDF – 50KB).

Sending items by PrintPost

To benefit from PrintPost rates when sending your magazines, periodicals or catalogues you need to make sure you are sending 1,000 or more items and each item is within the maximum dimensions listed below.

Note: The minimum volume threshold must be met for each mailing customer. Mail from groups of customers may not be consolidated to achieve PrintPost pricing.

What are classified as magazines, newsletters or catalogues?

Magazines and newsletters are publications with fixed titles that are published regularly, i.e. at least twice a year. Catalogues are publications that market products and services directly to prospective buyers and are published at least twice a year. Sales flyers or circulars do not meet the definition of a catalogue under PrintPost, even if published regularly.

PrintPost cannot be used for delivering surveys, handbooks, manuals, directories or annual reports.

When sending by PrintPost, the following conditions also apply.

Within a single lodgement:

  • All mail items must display an approved PermitPost impression and New Zealand delivery and return addresses.
  • All items must be the same. For example, each item must be the same design, size, shape and within the same weight range.
  • Compliance with current New Zealand Post standards Domestic Bulk Mail envelope layout standards.
  • For PrintPost rates to apply to the total lodgement, you need to achieve an 85% Statement of Accuracy. If the SOA is less than 85% but at least 70%, the portion of mail below the 85% threshold will be charged at a higher rate as detailed on the Bulk Mail rate card (ADV393) (PDF – 50KB).If the declaration is missing or incomplete or the SOA declared is less than 70%, the total lodgement will be up-rated to next applicable product detailed on the Bulk Mail rate card (ADV393) (PDF – 50KB).
  • You need to supply a Statement of Posting form and appropriate PrintPost product code.

PrintPost Samples

PrintPost is designed to accommodate samples in addition to the publication.

The maximum thickness of the publication is 20mm, however a sample can also be included (at an additional charge) which combined with the publication takes the total thickness up to 40mm under certain conditions.

These conditions are:

  • If the combined thickness is greater than 20mm the sample must sit outside the publication, but inside the packaging (i.e. flow wrap).
  • If the combined thickness is less than 20mm the lodgement does not require a PrintPost sample product code and the fee does not apply.
  • The sample must be secured so that it does not separate from the publication. It is the responsibility of the responsibility of the mailer to ensure the sample is securely packaged so that it cannot be damaged or become separated in the normal process of handling and delivering this mail item.
  • Samples must be consistent across the lodgement, i.e. each item must contain the same sample.
  • There are a number of items that New Zealand Post is unable to handle or deliver. These are specified in the dangerous goods or prohibited items sections of the Postal Users' Guide.

Dimensions and weight restrictions

For sending publications

Maximum dimensions
(height x length)
Maximum weight Maximum thickness
260mm x 385mm



Dimensions and weight restrictions include the envelope/packaging.

For sending publications with samples

Maximum dimensions
(height x length)
Maximum weight Maximum thickness
Cannot extend beyond the outside edges of the publication The combined weight of the samples and publication cannot exceed 1.0kg The combined thickness of the sample and publication cannot exceed 40mm.

For example, sending a publication that is 230mm x 335mm x 20mm with a packet of muesli included as a free gift. If the muesli package is 70mm x 70mm x 18mm, this is within specification and is allowed.

However if the muesli package is 150mm x 150mm x 25mm, then combined with the publication it would be over 40mm thick so it would be unacceptable and the entire lodgement would be sent as a parcel.

How to prepare your mail for lodgement

Statement of Posting

A Statement of Posting (AR019N) form must accompany all lodgements or the lodgement will be held by New Zealand Post until the form is received. Contact our National Contact Centre to have us send you a form. For help when completing the form, download our Statement of Posting guide (PDF – 152KB).

Product codes

When completing your Statement of Posting you’ll need to tell us your product code. Refer to the table at the start of this section for the correct code.

New Zealand Post has the discretion to correct any incorrectly completed Statement of Posting or lodgement slip (such as where the wrong PrintPost code has been provided).

Letter trays and containers

Place your items address side up and in letter trays so that the PermitPost impression is on the top right-hand corner of the envelope, facing the front of the tray. Letter trays are available on application at your nearest mail centre.

A container service is available for customers with lodgements over 40 trays.

Large items may be lodged in letter trays or, if too large or bulky, in a bag. Bags are available from your nearest mail centre.

For significant volumes of large, extra large or oversize items, mail can be lodged directly into roll cages or ULDs (Unit Loading Device). If mail is lodged in bags, or directly into roll cages or ULDs, it should be bundled to a maximum thickness of 150mm and a maximum weight of 12kg per bundle or 25kg per bag. The address on each item must be clearly visible and all facing the same way. Bundles must be tight with items banded across length and width.

Bulk Mail labels

All trays must be clearly and correctly labelled with the appropriate New Zealand Post label.

Mailhouse lodgement

For mail lodged via mailhouses, use the green label for lodgements originating from the North Island and purple labels for lodgements originating from the South Island. These labels can be ordered through your Mail Centre, as can emergency supplies of blank labels if required. To find out more about these labels please download the Bulk Mail labelling chart (PDF – 602KB).

Business customer lodgement

For mail that is not lodged via mailhouses, simplified labelling requirements apply. Download labels for manual sorting (PDF - 62KB). Please print and complete these labels and attach these to the front of your mail tray.

Layout standards

Be sure to meet the manual sort Domestic Bulk Mail Envelope Layout Standards so your mail can be processed correctly.

Lodging your mail

Lodge your items at any New Zealand Post Mail Centre, a New Zealand Post Business Mail Centre or selected New Zealand Post retail outlets. If you have a New Zealand Post Account and want to have your items picked up, please contact our National Contact Centre.

Terms and conditions

The standard terms and conditions of the products and services offered by New Zealand Post Limited, including information on the extent of our liability, are set out in the Public Contract and the Postal Users' Guide. They are also available for reference at PostShop stores and selected New Zealand Post retail outlets.

Delivery targets

Delivery targets are a guide only and we do not guarantee your item will reach its destination within the delivery target. Delivery to and from rural or remote areas may take longer.

Required postage

The required postage is the value of postage required for New Zealand Post to carry the item. Actual price paid may vary instore. The required postage and specifications are subject to change.

Cover for loss or damage, prohibited & restricted items

Before sending mail items, make sure your item is safe to send and will be covered if it goes missing or is damaged. Make sure you read about cover for loss or damage and prohibited & restricted items.

PrintPost and PermitPost are trade marks of New Zealand Post Limited.

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