GeoPAF allows you to understand your customers better and target new ones by mapping addresses against geographic and demographic information.

GeoPAF gives you rich insights into New Zealand households. It matches the 2 million addresses we deliver to with meshblock statistics from the 2013 Census. Each address has mapping coordinates and a link to the Property and Land Titles database maintained by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). This makes it New Zealand’s most intelligent and definitive household database.

You can use GeoPAF to enrich your own customer lists with over 50 specific demographic characteristics such as income, age group, number of children and more. It can offer valuable marketing, IT and business benefits including:

Better targeting

Reduce wastage and get better results by delivering only to the customers you need to talk to.

Better planning

If the location of assets or people is important to your business, GeoPAF is ideal. It’s great for utility providers facility planners, taxi companies wanting to optimise routes or insurance companies analysing risks.

Cost savings

Avoid mailing to incorrect or duplicated addresses. Save on returned mail and ensure you don’t send multiple copies of the same piece to one household.

Bulk savings on postage

Matching your data to GeoPAF could help you to qualify for bulk savings discounts.

Better data management

GeoPAF is ideal for reconciling customer addresses across various databases. Using the Delivery Point Identifier (DPID) you can clean up and de-dupe databases that come from different sources.

How to purchase GeoPAF

An annual licence fee covers multiple uses and includes quarterly updates. There are two types of licences:

Base: for use within an organisation: $2500

Commercial: for incorporation into commercial products and services: $6500

Prices are in New Zealand dollars and exclude GST.


Statistics New Zealand has stringent confidentiality rules and no individuals, families or households can be identified from its data. Meshblock information from 2006 Census is provided as aggregated statistics only.

Next steps

  • View the GeoPAF technical guide (PDF - 189KB) and licence agreement (PDF - 170KB).
    Please note that no amendments proposed by you apply, unless different terms are specifically agreed with you by one of our General Managers.
  • Apply for a business account.
  • Email, call Ingrid Ropeti 027 562 8375 or Jo Davidson 027 241 3814 for more information, alternatively
  • talk to your New Zealand Post Account Manager about your marketing objectives.