Quality addressing

Reduce costs

High quality addressing can reduce the time and money involved in handling returned mail and correcting address details. ‘Gone No Address’ returned mail is particularly costly as not only do you bear the cost of the wasted postage and materials, but also the downstream time, resource and lost opportunity costs.

Quality addressing also cuts your overall postage costs by making you eligible for our Bulk Mail rates. You can start making savings with as few as 300 same-sized items sent at one time. Accurate delivery is especially important for bills and statements, as missed or late payments can affect your cashflow – and frustrate your customers.

Improve customer relationships

Customers who receive incorrectly addressed mail, multiple mailings or who don’t receive mail they’re waiting for can feel undervalued and dissatisfied. Quality addressing helps your communication to reach the right people at the right time, which boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

More effective marketing

Better data means better insights, which gives you greater confidence when targeting offers and communications to existing and potential customers. The more relevant and personal the offers, the greater likelihood of success.

Our Quality Addressing products and services

We offer the following products to help you make the most of all the opportunities offered by high quality addressing.

  • Address Data Cleansing Service: we run your addressing data (postal and physical) and match it to our source data.  The output can include fully cleansed address lines along with the match type.  We can also append ‘other’ data elements where a unique address match is achieved.
  • Postal Address File (PAF)the easiest way to ‘clean up’ your database and ensure it’s accurate and up to date. This will also help you meet the addressing and postcode standards required to be eligible for our Bulk Mail rates.
  • Geographical Postal Address File (GeoPAF)overlays your database with geographical and Census information to give you rich insight into households all over the country – great for targeting and prospecting.
  • New Zealand Address Dataset (NZAD): is a snapshot of all New Zealand addresses, both postal and physical.
  • NZAD Mini: is a cut down version of the full NZAD for internal use only
  • Regionally Enhanced Delivery File (REDFile)gives you a snapshot of addresses from the Postal Address File (PAF) at certain times of the year,  without you having to buy the full PAF licence. It’s useful if you want to do a one-off thorough cleanse of your data, rather than an ongoing cleansing programme.
  • New Zealand Change of Address (NZCOA)contains the most accurate and recent mover information, to help you keep your address database up to date, and stay in touch with customers who move.
  • Postcode Network File (PNF)integrates postcode data to help with business planning, modelling and decision-making.
  • Change My Address: register your business on this online service that lets your customers notify you when they move house or change their postal address. This service is provided free of charge to your customers.

Email [email protected], call Jo Davidson 027 241 3814 for more information, alternatively talk to your New Zealand Post Account Manager about your marketing objectives.