Mailbox specifications

Help our Posties deliver your mail safely, securely and efficiently by meeting our mailbox specifications.

Every day each of our Posties delivers to around 1,000 mailboxes, some positioned in difficult places with hard to reach slots.

If you are a Rural Delivery Service customer, we have different mailbox requirements. To find out more see Rural Delivery Service.

Designing your mailbox

Mailbox specifications

Illustration only – mailboxes are not available for purchase.

  • Ensure the main mail slot is big enough to take several A4 size magazines without needing to fold them. If you receive parcels, you should consider having a separate parcel area in your mailbox.
  • Your mailbox should be deep enough (from front to back) to take the length of an A4 size item so that mail can be pushed in far enough to drop out of sight securely.
  • Your mailbox should be large enough to hold all of the mail you receive. If you frequently receive parcels, ensure your mailbox is large enough to accommodate them, out of sight from the street.
  • Ideally, your mailbox will have a separate area to take newspapers.
  • You can still have fun with your mailbox design - just allow for the minimum internal dimensions shown in the diagram below to make mail delivery easy and safe.
  • Spring loaded flaps must not be fitted on mailboxes as they may cause injury to your Postie.

Setting up your mailbox

  • Make sure your street number is clearly visible.
  • Position your mail box on the street line, accessible from the footpath. Ensure the terrain around your mailbox is free of obstructions and hazards and is easy for your Delivery Agent to access.
  • Avoid locating your mailbox on a hill, slope, bank or up steps.
  • Maintain safe and clear access to your mailbox, with no shrubbery or obstacles in the way.
  • The height of your mailbox must be between 900mm – 1200mm from the ground to the mail slot.

Mailboxes for flats or apartments

Outside mailboxes

Groups of outside mailboxes for flats or apartments should be at right angles to the footpath or road way. The height from the ground to the mail slot must be 900mm-1200mm.

Inside mailboxes

If you have mailboxes located inside a block of five or more apartments, they should be lockable, on the ground floor and with a common entrance.