Public Contract

Important: Our Postal Users’ Guide forms part of this Public Contract. It contains the detailed specifications for each of our individual postal and courier products. It also sets out a number of terms and conditions that you must understand, and requirements that you must meet, before using our services.

The full text of the Postal Users’ Guide is available online at and copies are available in-store, together with explanatory brochures.

Our Service Offering & Commitments

We, New Zealand Post Limited, will use reasonable care and skill to deliver items that:

  • are not Prohibited;
  • are Restricted (subject to you meeting our specified conditions of carriage); and
  • otherwise comply with the requirements set out in our Postal Users’ Guide (including being correctly addressed),
  • to addresses within our delivery network.

We agree to comply with:

We acknowledge that the limitations we set out below in relation to our liability for loss, damage, cost or compensation do not apply to any rights you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

Your Commitments & Acknowledgments

By using our services, you agree to:

  • the terms and conditions of this Public Contract;
  • comply with the requirements of our Postal Users’ Guide;
  • pay us the full price for our services.

You agree not to give us for delivery any item which:

  • is illegal, explosive, dangerous or destructive to send;
  • is not adequately packaged, or contains anything that is capable, as packed, of causing injury, or damage;
  • contains currency, precious metal, traveller’s cheques, deeds, negotiable instruments (including any bearer security, bill of exchange or uncrossed cheque), bonds or shares, credit or bank cards, vouchers, gift cards, tickets for games of chance or event tickets;
  • is perishable or any other type of Prohibited item under our Postal Users’ Guide; or
  • is accompanied by any required documentation that is incomplete or inaccurate.

Unless you have complied with our specified conditions of carriage (and the item is not classified as prohibited for a particular service), you agree not to give us for delivery any item that is:

  • fragile or Restricted (including any identity, travel, ownership or legal documentation, precious metal or stone, jewellery, watch, any collectable or antique or any painting, sculpture or other work of art); or
  • above the content value restriction for the selected service.

If you give us for delivery any postal or non-postal item referred to above, or in any other way you do not comply with our Postal Users’ Guide:

  • you understand that we and our employees and agents may not be liable to pay any compensation to you for any loss or damage to that item; and
  • you agree to pay us for any resulting damage, loss, liability or costs we may incur.

Subject to the conditions set out in our Postal Users’ Guide, the Postal Services Act 1998 and the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, we limit our liability to you for loss of, or damage to, any item up to a maximum (including GST) of:

  • $250 for any postal item (other than a letter, for which we have no liability as set out in the Postal Services Act 1998);
  • $2,000 for any courier item – with higher caps available in specified circumstances;

plus reimbursement of postage if the item has been lost, and we have no liability to you for any indirect or consequential loss, damage or cost, however it arises.

You acknowledge that all claims for compensation must comply with the terms of the Postal Users’ Guide and that our delivery times are targets only.

You agree that, where you acquire goods or services from us for the purpose of your business, the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 which would otherwise apply to the supply by us of any of our goods or services to you, do not apply.

Updated July 2018